Costa Concordia Navigates Past Empathia!

Seems the boys didn’t help the girls get off the boat. Hmmm. What has happened to us guys?

We lack empathy for women. We worked our tails off faking empathy for the “just listen don’t fix” fiestas some are treated to daily, plastering on furrowed looks and shaking our head to how grave it must be that so and so and such and such have not spoken to one another in a week and they both want you to lunch with them to gossip about the other, and how awkward that is, and its getting in the way of your work and focus. Like that.

Then we come home and say Joe just got diagnosed with prostate cancer, and Jim’s wife has filed a surprise divorce, he spent last night in a hotel. “What did he do?”, you’d ask. No mention of Joe.

Full circle, Titanic to Concordia on a spectrum of male female empathy. Ain’t got none girl, so sorry. Those sexist attitudes that animates feminism, that stubborn piece of society not genuflecting at “the Y” so to speak, well, maybe you pushed the intangible too far by saying sure you’ve made progress but there is so much more to do. There clearly is more to do, we are not yet to equality, as evidenced when  when one woman said she read that college students were 60% female and her comment was great “soon we will reach equality”.

We’re there yet!

Now we have angry feminists not so much trying to have it both ways and bash men for not sacrificing on that ship. Instead what we have are feminists claiming that the lack of male sacrifice manifest during the disaster wasn’t really a lack of male sacrifice. Nope. It was a poorly rained crew that was to blame for the casualties.

Here is an analogous scenario. A building is burning, and firefighters bring the men out first. Feminists will respond by saying that the reason the men were brought out forst was that the house was on fire. Huh? Like that.

I think of:

Girls a fakin’ … goodness sakin’
They want a man who brings home the bacon
Got no money and you got no car
Then you got no woman and there you are
Some girls are sophistic… materialistic
Looking for a man makes them opportunistic
They’re lyin on the beach perpetratin a tan
So that a brother with money can be their man
So on the beach you’re strollin’… real high-rollin’
Everything you have is your’s and not stolen
A girl runs up with somethin to prove
So don’t just stand there, bust a movesource:

Well, we done busted the move ladies.
You want, you got it baby.

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