Empathy in Politics

This one is easy. The left depends on feelings of empathy, not just to draw voters in, but once in, they depend on these feelings to feed their sense of accomplishment, of doing something….they care, after all.

Lets look at what is coming, empathy wise, if Mitt Romney is the nominee for President. I saw an ad, an elderly lady seated on a sofa chair, crying. She said (regading Bain capital) in southern rural vernacular, “they come in here and shut down the faktry, they laid everybody off and my husband was workin there 40 years and was laid off. We lived off are kids past 10 years well Harold didn’t cause he died a few years back and we had nothin’. She proceeds to weep some more.

Expect, regardless of the nominee, to see raw appeals to empathy as one leg of the 3 legged stool of Obama’s campaign. Expect that a number of conservative leaning moderate women will, though right now not Obama supporters, be taken in by this.

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