Communication and Gender

It is strange to see how vehement feminists are in opposing even the idea of gender differences. Reading the views of Ms. Cameron quoted here, you have to kind of blink. The whole purpose, of course, in exploring gender differences for most people lies in the idea of improving communication in relationships. Feminists so casually dismiss this as important that it makes me shudder. They honestly believe that you just need to work it out somehow. And yet ignore the fact that feminism constantly promotes the idea that men have entirely different experiences from women and therefore cannot truly understand what they go through!

And this is another example of how communication as we’ve come to understand it is overrated.



One thought on “Communication and Gender

  1. This article actually does more to prove the differences than to refute them…lets look….so there are no differences because:

    1. Women use “more minimal responses” than men, in conversations
    Well, ok, in the very specific setting where a conversation is occuring and the women is the
    responder, she will use “more minimal responses”. So, how much of verbal communication is
    covered by that scenario, woman responding to men? First, I have no idea if this is true, but
    even if it is, its like finding one tiny scenario that can support her point, and making it apply
    to all of communication, what about 2 women talking about X compared to two men talking
    about X, what of female monologue, etc?

    2. Some Madagascar tribe exhibits traits opposite of stereotypes
    must I really even bother to address this?

    3. Some girls soccer team is assertive
    must I address this ?

    She takes a premise and finds these three silly anecdotes and draws a conclusion, akin to saying you know a guy who smoked 4 packs a day and lived to 100 heathily, as evidence of the health benefit of smoking. Its painful to read actually, she ought to be embarrassed. I linked it in reddit so folks can comment on it

    Also, as she goes on, she does two more things. She like all feminists without even realizing it wants to make women into men, per communication (and everything else), and sees no conflicted nature of that and the claims of equality…..if men and women are equal, why muct women be proven to be just like men?

    She finally calls the pointing out of communication differences “sexism”. Do women not see that they have taken all things female and devalued them in the name of equality? How can a brain function that way?


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