A name so powerful it could be like having bullet proof bracelets

A college buddy of mine who, like me,  grew up in a small town in Appalachian South East Ohio. We lived 20 miles apart but only met once we showed up in the same fraternity.


The area and culture tend to inculcate an enjoyment of hunting and fishing in men starting then they are very small children. Chuck was no different.

He and I, unbeknownst to either, were odd among out high school peers. Both of us intended to go away to college…something only five of one hundred and forty three kids in my ;lass chose. His schools ratio of college attendance was a little better, but still atrocious.

The thing that really set him apart was that his parents were college professors at the nearby state university. So he was raised with some harmless incongruities. He and his father  hunted and fished and otherwise enjoyed rural outdoor pastimes. But Chuck’s dad spoke like a professor, and Chuck did too.

By the time we’d all finished our initial degrees, Chuck had decided to earn a Ph.D. in education. He wanted to follow his fathers footsteps, but to walk further and become the president of a college somewhere. He attended Duquesne for his masters and Drexel for his doctorate.

We lost track for a couple of decades. He showed up on Facebook a few years back and we reconnected. He enthusiastically shared his new found faith with me. He’d attended weekly at the university Episcopal or similar while back home. abut now he lives in the South East. And he met a woman there and married her. He was all in with Baptist style southern religion. No harm done. Just a surprise.

The explanation for his conversion was the second surprise. His wife’s name is “Billie Graham



I could spend some time free range thinking that over. I am not, however, making a derogatory comment about her. I’ve never met or spoken with her. I’m just laying out some facts. that may have been scattered in my mind so that i can show you the thing that nudged me towards a better understanding based on reasonable conclusions drawn from the picture he sent me recently.

He offered to send me one. He may have sensed my lack of interest because it never came.

I wonder, if Wonder Woman showed up would he be more strengthened and encouraged than by the presence of a wife coincidentally named after one of America’s most famous evangelists..


7 thoughts on “A name so powerful it could be like having bullet proof bracelets

  1. My instantaneous thought at seeing the shirt was “fuck.” Occasionally I get overcome with fits of delusional optimism and examine the possibility of trying to find and attend a church that isn’t too gynocentric. This shirt just cured me of having those thoughts for possibly years. I’m feeling sick and depressed and pissed off at the same time. I wonder if his wife has a pouch on her front like a kangaroo that he crawls up in?

  2. You need an image of a shirt with a cracker on it. A toasty brown cracker. On a pedestal.

  3. The young man had no need for strength or courage. Now, faced with a wife, he finds he has need of both. And so he has set about developing strength and courage for the task at hand.

  4. The most fascinating thing about this is that it is a true story.

    Simps vex and annoy me. Check out Drake and this most egregious spectacle.

    Will this worship of the daughters of perdition ever stop?

  5. “I met God – She’s black” was probably a really cutting-edge hip line for liberals back around 1968 or so. Now it’s just a form of trolling.

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