Something gave me a case of the sheets the first week kids went back to school

Adults visit school bathrooms this time of year. This year will be different for lots of people who live in enclaves of idiocy. Bathrooms need a quiet meditative space…an anteroom with a gurgling miniature water fall spilling onto pebbles from stacks of bull rock. Only by providing a place where one can select-a-gender, unhurried, intentional even, can public spaces achieve the, um, Target GPA (gender profile accuracy).

My daughters sixth grade hasn’t yet succumbed. The sheets sent me to the same restroom they would have sent me to a decade ago.

These sheets  are problems that are not limited to the bathroom.

The sheet below is about as benign as can be expected in terms of how administratively burdensome starting a new school year  can be.

Maybe the sheets were structured the same last year and I didn’t notice. Bit I doubt it.

Empath, that they put mom on top, well humina humina if she wanted to be there man.

Why would they change convention that had been in practice since the days when being handed a sheet to fill out meant sometimes a warn curling paper that smelled sorta good. Why make Mom the primary? Is it that so many are divorced, single moms by choice and she don’t need no man anyway? Is it that Mom is easier to reach than dad because she either doesn’t work outside the home or she has a job with more flexibility?

Perish the thought…immediately.

Mom is in good (on this) form, as she should be.






2 thoughts on “Something gave me a case of the sheets the first week kids went back to school

  1. Most forms say “parent” or “parents” that I have seen. Easiest solution is to ALWAYS put the husband’s name and contact info first. After a while they get used to it.

    Same as vets get used to it when you cross out “pet parent” and replace it with “owner”.

  2. @Elspeth. I also always correct anyone who says I’m my dog’s “dad.” I’m the dog owner, this is my dog. End of story. Same for being called “uncle” to a kid adopted by a single woman who worked extremely hard to get all the benefits of living in our traditional, male service to women oriented community with out having to marry a man. She also has very surreptitiously but persistently been pushing fro several to have her “arrangement” (purposely single, early 30’s woman with child in the household) called a “family.” As in “this is no different than the married father/mother of offspring God created as his intent for Family.” Took me a year and a half but I landed the first salvo of “the bible says this is what a real family is” earlier this spring. I’ve been waiting to deliver the coup de gras.
    Don’t want to get married? Fine. Wonderful. Want to adopt a trophy kid from a third world country to show off to your liberal college master’s in philosophy buddies? Great. But don’t inject yourself in to our christian community where the men are still expected to take care of and serve the women folk and expect me to give you the privilege all the other women get via accepting the responsibilities of marriage to a man.

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