Pumping and dumping all day? No way. Be pumped and dumped? You say yeah!

There are folks who can believe anything. Things like

All that glitters is gold. (and Twitters)

What goes up stays up.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot teach him new tricks.

Worthwhile things in life are easy.

They get their old saws mixed up with their old ratchet sets. The author does that in the article 20 perks of being a single mom (of one kid). In the list are things like (my paraphrase from the original)

-Not having a big pregnant belly!

-Snuggling with your kiddo builds that special mommy

baby bond.

-You can rearrange the furniture and not-need-no-man.

-No man can tell you No; Only your “little nugget” can.

-You only need to prepare one snack bag when you travel.

-No need to be pregnant for five years in a row eh?


And baby weight? Girrrrl:

You don’t have to worry about losing baby weight from baby #2, because instead of being pregnant again, you’re chasing after your toddler solo, crushing the “mom-bod” with nice legs and abs instead of milk-filled DDs and a newborn on your chest. (emphasis mine)


You can go out drinking and:

you don’t have to get home and nurse a newborn, or pump and dump for an entire day


But you can get pumped and dumped as you see fit because:


You’re still a babe, so you can actually look forward to dating instead of being scared of it and feeling “old” — I mean, it is 2016, so who are we kidding? It’s still terrifying thanks to online dating and this odd generation of nonchalant gypsy “men”, but at least you’re still young, fun, and confident – even being a single mama.Which what isn’t to admire about that? You’re strong, independent, and clearly hardworking, so those are major turn-ons. (emphasis mine)


I’m surprised she and her single mama friends are without fully booked agendas. The things she says about herself are such extreme turn-ons that I hope she has most of the dates in shopping mall food courts. Most men would be unable to control their base urges when faced with strong, independent, and hardworking. The crowd would help men maintain.

I cant figure out if she likes the gypsy “men” or not. Prolly depends if they are hawt.

Her article is about the perfectness of single motherhood. It complains about aspects of child rearing and about having a spouse. Neither she nor her go-girl-pals nor her stable of stallions and beta orbiters nor her friends that are married and have kids, none of them realize that the complaints about the mechanics of raising a child apply to her one child and to theirs as well. The complaints about a spouse apply to the spouses of her friends and to every potential spouse she has as well. The ability to simultaneously bash the needs of kids and husbands while heralding her mommy skills and dating value is something to behold.

That her mommy friends don’t see it is predictable. They want to be her. They likely grouse about having to pump and dump breast milk as well. But they want to visit the author’s stable from time to time where pumping and dumping isn’t nearly as much a chore.  .

Ten years from now she will write an article called “20 reasons its super cool to be a MILF with a teenager”

-He always has headphones in so he can’t hear when the

stallions are visiting

-Some of his friends are starting to look hawt.


So forth

The stallions win.


5 thoughts on “Pumping and dumping all day? No way. Be pumped and dumped? You say yeah!

  1. This just made my day! I stopped dating years ago, am loving being MGTOW and this just reminded me of the s**t I don’t have to deal with any more that I sometimes forget about. I can’t believe I ever put up with women like like this, but I most certainly did. One after another but I eventually learned. I was such a mangina then!

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