Christian Forums … Catholic Forums You from Jersey, I’m from Jersey HaHaHaHaHa

I went “back to Ohio”, and my city was still gone. The experience was more about learning that scorched earth never regrows beautiful greenery but for willingness to accept divine intervention.

The recent recollection of blog motive had me take a peek at Christian Forums, where it all started. I was not surprised to see a redesigned site. I was very surprised to see many of the same men and women still plowing the same infertile ground. The swords became plow shares but attempts at farming the barren earth have that the tractor is dragging a clanking pile of oxidized sword metal.

No sex for 7 months, proclaims the OP. And they’re off.

The women*:

…..and neither is it “a good thing” for a woman to be pressured and guilted into sex (especially using the Bible to do so! Like Paidiske mentioned earlier…that’s adding in a whole other variety of abuse into the mix).

Sex is (what I believe, anyway) meant to be a mutual expression of love. It’s not something one spouse demands or obligates the other for. That’s loving “pleasure” more than the other person (or even God….as in 2nd Timothy 3:4). I believe that is a “sin” in itself. The OP seems to have a much more generous attitude than a lot of people that are responding….I’m hoping that doesn’t influence his attitude negatively.

The men:

I obviously don’t know you or her well enough to speak absolutely, but I would bet a dollar that it’s one of three things:

1. She is having or has had an affair.
2. She was raped or sexually abused.
3. She is using sex as some sort of leverage.

In any case, she needs to face the realities of abandoning you. A man with no sexual outlet is not a good thing.

and **

I suppose the author could have left out a part about a pelvis crushed in an accident, or could have refrained from initiating or there could be many other factors, in which case my post would not be applicable. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

Every trope of BS that exists for defending women denying sex to husbands is present in this thread. Between the boldness of Biblical admonition, and the blunt psych realities Rollo (and others) explains so eloquently, there is no excuse for the existence of a safe place to regurgitate this canned defensive nonsense.

There is not a microns difference between CF and CAF.

*This -gal- has been dominating the forum for nearly ten years. If it is accepted conventional wisdom, she can wrap it in em,pathetic ribbons and repeat it with both sincerity and a sense that she thinks she is bringing the wisdom fresh for the first time, new ideas.

**This guy is doing a yeoman’s work, he was there in 2009 and 2010 when I was there. He was (mostly) taking no prisoners then, yet somehow he avoided the cleaver that got me and my two inactive blog partners



5 thoughts on “Christian Forums … Catholic Forums You from Jersey, I’m from Jersey HaHaHaHaHa

  1. You mean my very christian, very pillar-of-the-church-and-maybe-heaven-too sister who wouldn’t have sex with her husband for over 6 months after they were married (she would hit you over the head with her virginity if she thought you had any doubt as to her purity and uprightness. I joked with my brother before the wedding, “she likes being a virgin so much, she’ll probably stay one after the wedding.” Had no idea I would be so correct) was not actually following scripture with her post matrimonial adventure in celibacy? I’m sure she could come up with a Victorian defense of her actions.

  2. Every word out of their keyboards is more evidence that the women should keep silence, literal or otherwise, that a wife should be subject to her husband “in all things”, and that the daughters of Eve have nothing to teach a man about marriage or sex. One of them cites the blog of an influential writer, an individual who is particularly unhinged, with off-the-charts daddy issues, and who has most recently made serious accusations against a pillar of the homeschool movement.

  3. Perhaps a 12-step motto (yeah, I know) works here:

    “If nothing changes, then nothing’s gonna change”.

    Because the people who run CA and CAF don’t wear The Glasses, the moderation is gynocentric. Because the moderation is gynocentric, aging feminist Boomers and Xrs will dominate the fora with passive-aggressive games; they’ll drive off other women, they’ll drive off any non-pedestalizing men, one way or another. Therefore both fora look pretty much the same as they did several years ago.

    Because nothing changes, so nothing’s gonna change there.

    It’s wise of you to stay away. It’s wise for me to stay away, although I never posted anything. There comes a time to cut losses and move on – how much of your precious daily time do the attention-whores at those fora really deserve vs. your family? Would you invite any of those females into your house? I wouldn’t. But if I sit and read either forum for a couple of hours, I’ve done just that – I’ve invited the likes of Xanthippe into my head. What’s the appropriate amount of my precious thought that I should devote to some old raging feminist?

    Seems to me that “zero” is pretty much the answer.

  4. A wife denying sex to her husband is almost comparable to elementary relationship breakups.

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