Degraded senses, improved relationships

If your wife gets bigger, forms wrinkles, or just becomes unattractive,  its OK, because your vision gets worse as you age, if I am reading this title correctly. Some healthy eyed guys, however, require intervention.

Jimmy Evans is taking measures to fix your marriages guys.

For instance, taking men into a sandstorm in west Texas with no PPE can temporarily or permanently damage the eyes..

The auditory companion course is the one where you repeatedly fire a 50 caliber rifle without so much as a piece of lint in your ears for protection. If you are a reporter from NY a designated shooter is assigned so that you need only stand in proximity of the weapon being fired.

The two courses can be combined for significant savings. Firing a rifle in a sandstorm with neither eye nor ear protection is effective.

With husbands vision and hearing adequately diminished, studies show marital longevity improves by a statistically significant amount. The haste with which husbands seek these correctives correlate with the length of the benefit they yield.

The fail safe package, handed out after completion of both seminars, consists of two ice picks, one short and one longer. It includes instructions on how to either abruptly or incrementally decrease vision and/or hearing.



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