C’mon Trump, Itz gurlz hooz dooz it

When Donald Trump says a woman who gets an abortion should face some kind of punishment he is forced to walk the comment back. He walks it back by making the line in the sand become the punishment of the person performing the abortion.

Set Trump aside…please…my post has nothing to do with being for or against Trump. It has to do with the ninnies yammering about how we could never punish a woman for breaking the law in that way. Ostensibly pro-life so called conservatives who stridently claim to champion the life of the unborn show that they simply are not serious when they then rush to be clear that it doesn’t mean there is any punishment due a woman who chooses to abort her baby. It is mean old doctors who kill babies. But there is no complicity possible in this crime. Even the person who literally carries the victim into the special place where the killer will ply his trade is not culpable by being complicit.  .

Since there were no stipulations made its a fair point to question who gets prosecuted in a morning after pill scenario. Its OK to abort at a day old. Anyone give me two days? Best fit here is some line about how we’ve established what she is and are now haggling the price.

If a man or woman doctor shops for opiate pain medication and the patient is caught, the patient is prosecuted and the doctors involved can be prosecuted or professionally reprimanded. Doctor shopping for pain meds is a crime that patients commit and for which they are prosecuted.

Doctor shopping for a doctor willing to abort a child, then aborting the child,  well not so much. Cuz itz gurlz hooz dooz it.


7 thoughts on “C’mon Trump, Itz gurlz hooz dooz it

  1. Women never do anything wrong. Suggesting such a thing is simply misogyny.

    The double-think is going to quickly turn to quadruple think, and there will be no walking back once people realize that you have not been properly indoctrinated/brainwashed.

  2. Trump has exposed a lot of rot in the Conservative “leaders” and pundits. Turns out many of the conservative females are feminists first, feminist second, and conservative third.

  3. If there is no culpability for the mother, then there should be no culpability for anyone. This whole thing is just disgusting, and I’m quite puzzled that Trump even went there.

    If anything, perhaps this could discourage Doctors from performing the service.

  4. I’m quite puzzled that Trump even went there.

    Trump did not “go there”, he was asked a “gotcha” question by a member of the establishment press, and had apparently not been prepped for it. Think of this as the 2016 equivalent of the whole Sandra Fluke “I can’t afford my contraception” hairball of a few years back. Remember how that was quickly turned from “make other men and women pay for my contraception” to “The ReThuglicans want to BAN contraception”? I remember. So this is the current cycle version of that particular lie.

    The establishment has to try to convince women not to vote for Trump or any other Rethuglican, by any means necessary. It’s that simple.
    Never mind the fact that the donor class of the GOP has more in common with the donor class of the DNC, either.

  5. AR I agree. He was bushwhacked. Ironically.

    The dearth of women voters he allegedly has, which an analyst said makes him need 70% of the male vote to overcome, is not as simple as all that. In the south, off campus, he has decent showing with women. I think his alpha no BS whether parody or purity is pinging the right places for his interests, Carson’s open declaration , true or not…quid pro quo or not,,,is resonating with southern women. People fear the Supreme Court turnover ahead enough to stay with Trump even if he never really says much of anything.

  6. Yeah, I know he was taken off guard, but my point is that he shouldn’t have been.

    I’m just concerned with the wasted opportunities.

    Boy, it would be nice if his people could have been reading the dialogue taking place over at Dalrocks concerning Doug Wilson.

    Trump is Red Pill…he’s just not a statesman for it, and that is so unfortunate. This could end up being revolutionary on so many fronts….

  7. Empath
    In the south, off campus, he has decent showing with women.

    That’s why it is so important for the press to lie. Because Trump does well with voters of many demographics. It would not surprise me if he received more votes from black and hispanics than any other GOP nominee since Reagan, for example. He’s a real threat to the donor classes, because he might just break their rice bowls. They have to stop him, even if it costs the GOPe the election, the press has to stop him even if it means Hillary! serves for a few months then collapses due to her poor health. Because Trump, hugely flawed though he is, is not a DC insider and therefore is a threat to the donors of both parties.

    Yeah, I know he was taken off guard, but my point is that he shouldn’t have been.

    Remember that Trump switched parties. Nobody ever asks any Democrats hard questions about abortion. It just isn’t done – would be in bad taste. I think that’s one reason he did not expect it, he did not realize the depth of hate he’d get due to being an R instead of a D.

    Trump is Red Pill…he’s just not a statesman for it, and that is so unfortunate.

    Hey, the man is a leading edge Boomer, he’s about the same age as Clinton and GW Bush, give him some slack! He could be just another pedestalizing doofus. He’s also holding up under the campaign stress better than anyone would expect him to, frankly. Trump has gotten more press fire than any candidate since GW Bush, and he’s shrugged most of it off. Most other candidates would have been sunk by now.

    This could end up being revolutionary on so many fronts….

    The depth of anger that I can see here and there is not noticed at all by the political classes or the UMC – that whole “gated community” thing plus social stratification means they just don’t mix with the middle class anymore. So they are blinded to what everyone else in the country is going through.

    The GOPe may well manage to keep the nomination from Trump, ensuring a loss to Hillary! that they can endure because they all get to keep their jobs. The elites think this will blow over. They are wrong. And furthermore, if history is any guide, foiling Trump will merely guarantee that the next leader to take his place will be not just a nationalist, but a radical one. Although he may well be neither R or D. The GOPe may win the fight to keep their party, only to find that the base has walked away from them, for one thing.

    Interesting times. No doubt about it.

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