Enjoying the men that are your boys

Through a combination of air miles, a friend in the management of a major hotel chain, and a colleague with season tickets to Stamford Bridge,  my sons and I went off to London last week to see Saturday’s game, Chelsea vs Everton. It was a celebration of my older (22) son’s college graduation.

It is gratifying to me that the older son, for his friend to bring along, selected the younger brother (19) with pleasure and no hesitation. Selfishly for me to head off with my sons on this adventure was unbelievable.

We started in a small town a couple of hours outside London where I have some friends. As expected, we took in some pub food, not a few pints, and slept in an old inn that makes real the expression “a silence of three parts”.  I’d been before but I wanted them to see more than London, and with only a few days, knowing people and the lay of the land made it efficient.

At the closest train station, from which we departed for London last Thursday, they await the train.

de train 2

If you’d ask them what was happening in this photo, the youngest (foreground) would say that we were waiting for a train. The older brother would say we were waiting to get to a Chelsea game. Fanatic.

We did make it. It was a tie, 3’s. The final goal came in the 98th minute and sure, John Terry of was off sides, but the goal held and the relegation risk was kicked a little further down the road.

Standing among the opposing team’s seats during the stadium tour the day before the game, they admired the playing pitch.

Stamford Bridge 1

My sons were crestfallen when they came across me imitating The Arrow on London bridge and were told……yep…..they’d failed the city.


So, we came home




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