Joshua Rogers and His Lift Chasing Melange

Joshua Rogers’ blog may be the most overt Lift magnet that I have had the misfortune to read. He works Lift chasing into every topic he covers. Unsurprisingly, Fox regularly links to his blog, where he covers such topics as:

  1. His daughter cannot have a Barbie because Barbie promotes body image instead of promoting the notion that his little girl can be a CEO.
  2. There is no reason to be wary of Muslims. After all there are Christians killing people too.
  3. He explains the actual meaning of “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. His take isn’t that a man gets to decide if a woman is beautiful or sparks his interest. That would be offensive. Rather, he says it means he must work at beholding, suggesting that if a single man is beholding a woman and doesn’t see her beauty, he needs to keep looking until he does. Anything less is to deny the beauty of God’s creation.

Today he presented with the co-morbidity, Lift Chasing Blue Pill White Knightery. Not rare but tough to treat. Requires the active ingredient in red pills be delivered intravenously, applied topically, and swallowed in liquid form. Then his eyes need to be sewn open for a bit of the ultra violence on Super 8 video a la Clockwork Orange while adding butter flavored low-T-Meds to his popcorn (Just kidding on the sewn lids).

The symptom that clinched the differential diagnosis was his newest piece explaining how he and men in general are prone to affairs. He says men make a series of small mistakes and end up destroying their marriages.

Groundbreaking gutsy claims like that and the power of his self effacement are hard to find. Men with his courage are rare.


He is writing rererererererere-packaged versions of the same conventional wisdom as peddled by Family Like, FoTF, Russell Moore, etc.

He needs to cut to the chase. Or someone does. After all, with decades of this type of pandering to women and remediation of men behind us, and the coincident elevation to breathless urgency that Joshua and his cohorts evoke lest we finally get sucked into the drain we’ve been  circling, maybe he will be the one who just comes out and says that men are too stupid to get stuff like this, plus we are too badly flawed to really ever manage to reach the woman’s position at the apogee of morality.





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