The DFW, DCS, and Dalrock’s disaster zone

Since Christmas Eve my wife and I traversed nearly 1000 miles of Texas highway (round trip total) our snazzy new Honda Pilot.  Plus another 600 or so in other states…making my way into the DFW (not that DFW…..see below) and back home.


Because of the DCS triad (Dalrock/Caldo/Scott) the wedge shaped territory Ive marked in light blue could one day be a bastion of hope for victims of feminism. The pink area….eh….not so much.

But there is a long way to go before the map can be officially thus marked. I saw feminism thriving in the center of the wedge, sadly, as accomplished men were directed to and fro by the unrestrained whimsical emotional urges of family matriarchs and wannabe matriarchs. It literally made my face permanently longer.

But there were worse things to behold.

Crossing the DFW, then actually DFW, we encountered detours and delays resulting from the recent storms. I snapped some photos as I drove. They are not very good but you will get a feel for what we saw.


20151229_124038 20151229_124037 20151229_124036 20151229_124032 20151229_124030

Then this. MEN working. Lots of men carrying things and rebuilding and administering aid. Men in reflective gear in every direction.

20151229_124013 Now, imagine coming to the intersection pictured here. Note the street name.

20151229_123934Some kind of metaphor. For us.


11 thoughts on “The DFW, DCS, and Dalrock’s disaster zone

  1. Heh.

    My corner of the DCS is almost entirely ranch and farm land. Except for San Antonio proper which is government employeeville. (Including me).

    The 10 acres I currently live is declared feminism free, insofar as I can stay under the radar.

  2. I was in Saldeo when that F5 hit up toward Austin. Man that was a life changer. Perhaps not the biggest kind of life changer but wow

    I would purpose Saldeo may be the tip of the spear on feminized men.

  3. Nowhere is truly feminism free. I was just working overtime to come up with an alternative for DFW.
    Ive not seen damage like that since i was a child and Xenia OH was slammed. Weather retrospectives still mention the Xenia OH storms. That was inside my childhood geography.

  4. MEN working. Lots of men carrying things and rebuilding and administering aid. Men in reflective gear in every direction.

    But, alas, very likely with clueless token FEMALE “supervisors” in the background somewhere doing everything they can to impede the actual accomplishment of work (and very often causing harm in the process). I have it on good authority from a friend who is a construction contractor that estrogen invasion of construction and infrastructure maintenance projects is at nearly epidemic levels, with women being crammed into every non-productive sinecure imaginable, especially “management” positions. It’s apparently especially rampant in the public sector (i.e., state DOT).

  5. Nowhere is truly feminism free.

    Correct. As long as the Regime’s guns remain a threat this will be the case.

  6. I thought Texas was pretty leftist when I was there. Maybe not on gun laws, the death sentence and DUI stuff but otherwise it was pretty weak sauce. Hell they voted for GWB in a big way with his so called conservatism

  7. I think that’s due to leftists immigrating due to urbanization.

    They do have a natural fondness for cities after all.

  8. info they typical american has no idea how far left he really is. I mean Pat Buchanan is a right wing extremist? Hell thats a low bar to set

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