The Lift and The Irony, A New Shade of Grey

The Lift…. The term finds its origin in the actual lifting of a woman’s midsection to afford the removal of her unmentionable garments. Its her allowing access. Sure I’ve borrowed the term and use it, aptly if I say so myself, in describing how and why men supplicate and self efface to win the slightest positive response from women. A smile, a compliment, or the best, a man being held up as an example to sort out other men.

Today, Christmas Eve, I found.this story. This guy is getting his Lift. His wife has some extra weight, bears the marks of childbirth, and she decides to go get a series of boudoir photos made as a gift for her husband. She requests the photographer use Photoshop liberally to eliminate her imperfections.

Its amazingly appropriate that Photoshop is mentioned because the complicated Lift metaphors are layered into this tale the same way editing is layered onto photos.

Allegedly, when the wife presented the husband with his alternative bathroom reading material he was secretly disturbed by how good his wife looked in the photos. After some months he could no longer contain his anger and emailed the photographer.

Seeing these images made me realize that I honestly do not tell my wife enough how much I LOVE her and adore her just as she is. She hears it so seldom, that she actually thought these photoshopped images are what I wanted and needed her to look like.

The husband is being exalted on new sites and social media for his love-her-for-who-she-is manifesto.

I could make a case for his being cruel. He lists his wife’s visual flaws in detail rather than saying he never sees them. But in a stroke of genius he lambastes the edited images as the thing that is actually cruel. He eschews them. And he vows from that day forward to praise his wife for who she is with photoshop layers removed.

Forget the wife’s photos though. This dude made art. He created a new shade by blending The Lift with Irony

His wife’s Lift requires a little more effort these days. I mean torque, leverage, elbow grease, a longer fulcrum… get the point. But he has managed to raise and broaden his Lift index into rarely seen territory.


5 thoughts on “The Lift and The Irony, A New Shade of Grey

  1. Good insight Empath. There is also another side to this. His wife wanted to give him something he would appreciate, and wanted to feel sexy. He destroyed both by his reaction. His focus was on his own feelings, not on hers. This is selfishness wrapped as heroism.

    His solipsism works well in the world of social media because it feeds the solipsism of other women who want to be told they are sexy (shades of Sailer’s law of female journalism).

  2. Thank you Dalrock.

    I wish I had the ability to see how this worked out for the guy. Not only does he reveal stuff about his wife, he does it in the same breath that he uses to dig himself into the fifth circle of beta orbit with his own wife.

    She is angry and hurt, AND, she sees him as a chump.

  3. What he said, said in intimacy, could have been quite endearing. I know Jon “comfort games” me whenever I am fretting about my looks and encourages me to look my best, just to show me how good I can look. It’s part of the glue that ties a happy couple together.

    But to do it publicly, to send it to the photographer and then broadcast it all over social media… it strikes me as, A: a very feminine thing to do, and B: very self-serving.

    There are many parts of marriage that are private. Personally, I think anything that elicits shame should be private to the couple, at least in the details. Be it her physical imperfections and his overlooking or dismissing them, their latest row over a misunderstanding or their bedroom practices, beyond a simple admission (“I can see her flaws, but it doesn’t matter in the big picture” for example), it seems very odd to see it written out.

  4. Heard a long married wife say about her husband who she was very, very happy with that she still see’s him as he was when he was young and fit when they were married all those years ago. She sees and knows his body is different now but, in her mind’s eye, she see’s him as the hard body he was in his 20’s.
    While “treebark” stretch marks would be hard to see past, the physical signatures that a woman’s body has done what a woman’s body does, gestate babies, is sexy in it’s own right. Stretch marks declare “Woman!” as surely as her other female parts. However, the physical reminders of the sloth of a lazy, entitled wife are absolute turn-off’s no matter how slightly impacted her body is by child gestation. This is to say that a wife who puts in the effort to stay fit will be attractive very much in spite of stretch marks and the effects of ageing and a woman who does nothing to stay fit will become less attractive even if she has much less effect from stretch marks and ageing than the first woman. Being attractive is not just about physical condition, it’s very much about the character of the person and how much they show they value their spouse.

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