You can boil it, fry it, bake it…lottsa ways to make a turkey

This year I deep fried two turkeys. Nothing particularly sexy in the preparation. I wanted to inject Cajun flavor but was overruled  by the presence of too much estrogen in the home. Whatever testosterone was present had little efficacy in the aggregate. Mine was the only free testosterone. The other male’s “T” was still bound up by the high blood levels of apathy that young men have in their early twenties.

Once I ask this question my “T” level will be instantly drawn down by half and my blog will be torn from WordPress and plugged into Pintrest. The question is, men, how do you fry your turkey if in fact you do? Anything special you do? My frying of fowl occurs once per year and I have made no effort to finesse it. I bought an electric frying device this year. Had the old school flame one and the new one head to head. No difference in the outcome but the electric one feels like a more stable process.

There are no youtubes of exploding turkey by my hand…knock wood.


8 thoughts on “You can boil it, fry it, bake it…lottsa ways to make a turkey

  1. hmmmmm

    How detailed should I get? I didn’t fry them this year but I have fried a lot of them over the years.I smoked both of them but I prepared the birds the same way

    I rubbed Old Bay on the meat between the skin; olive on the skin then fresh ground pepper and salt then some garlic powder on the skin. Inject it with butter/ garlic and Old Bay. Like until the puncture wounds leak butter/ garlic/ Old Bay. Let that rest for 30-45 mins then its ready for the fryer, or smoker or oven

  2. My turkey experience is also strictly in the smoking of them. The only contribution I can make is to recommend something you probably already do: Brine them. I use a solution of salt, sugar, pepper, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of cheap bourbon.

  3. I do exactly like cc. Brine for 12, and spatchcock and smoke using multiple flavor wood.

    Previous blog article: ignore those subtle cues of rebellion. ThaT is why most older men had their lounger. Forgive by forgetting via ignoring. Hold frame

  4. SFC,

    Can’t get enough meat out of 2 wilds here in CO to feed 3 families even with all the other shtuff made, but very cool. I’ve got a flock coming in during the spring time. Gotem’ on trail cam. Sort of like trying to get bacon from wild pig, just not enough there to get that belly fat, fun to shoot though.

  5. really, for some reason I always thought birds out West would be better. My birds were like 13 pounds or so. Which most def did not feed the clan but everyone got some. We aren’t fans of leftovers

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