Heisenburg on Happy Wife Happy Life…”Ask Schrodinger”

Dalrock invites readers to offer rejoinders to the wisdom or lack thereof in the expression “Happy Wife Happy Life”. There were lots of good comments that ranged from sound Christian rebuke to dread game stuff to those that parsed the expression for meaning, finding it to be nebulous.

Happy Wife Happy Life (HWHL) is analogous to the complementary variables of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.  Pairs of variables like position and momentum cannot both be known with precision,  because the more precise one is measured the more uncertain the other becomes. The complementary pairs in Happy Wife Happy Life are happy and…well…happy. As in wife and life.

Werner himself would quickly point out that there is no uncertainty in the pair as Ive listed them. There is a simple functional inverse proportionality. This is to say that the more a man concerns himself with happy wife the less he will have happy life. But Werner would miss the point because he was just a quantum genius, not a manosphere blogger. He forgets to add that there is an even more powerful uncertainty in HWHL. It is found in one variable that is utterly unknowable.

The happiness of the wife is inexplicable. It hasn’t parameters, it knows no boundaries and it can shift in three dimensions and in time, altering reality so much that describing the wildest possibilities of Einstein’s relativity manifest on a body within the event horizon of a black hole would be like basic early-reader stories compared to the feathered, shifting, and contradictory realities that (lacking a better verb) –make- the wife happy. There are no objective metrics for measurement across multiple instances (multiple women).

If her happiness is unknowable even to her and her happiness is inversely proportional to the happiness in Happy Life it could be said that if Happy Life is a destination, one can never arrive there by passing through Happy Wife because Happy Wife can be anytime and anywhere, or more likely nowhere at all.


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