Like an old loafer

I hadn’t slipped into reading the daily Family Life emails in many months. They recycle them and even when they are new they say the same things in different ways.

Today I opened one. I think it deserves comment.

Rainey leads with:

I’m telling you—men just have it easier.

That alone deserves comment but its too broad for a short post. Luckily he explains himself.

  1. Your last name stays put.

  2. The garage is all yours.

  3. Wedding plans take care of themselves.

  4. You can never be pregnant.

  5. Wrinkles add character.

  6. The occasional well-rendered belch is practically expected.

  7. You’ve got one mood all the time. Usually.

  8. Phone conversations are over in thirty seconds flat.

  9. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase.

  10. You can open all your own jars.

  11. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. Usually.

  12. If someone forgets to invite you somewhere, he can still be your friend.

  13. Your underwear is $8.95—for a three-pack!

  14. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades.

  15. You only have to shave your face and neck.

  16. You can play with toys all your life.

  17. One wallet and one pair of shoes—one color for all seasons.

  18. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look.

  19. You can “do” your nails with a pocket knife

Lots of angles there, ways to humorously refute these things. For example, I could ask why having the garage as mine is something I should feel fortunate about. That tact is fruitless and childish.

What I do want to point out is that buried in silly lists like this are hidden sins we almost never see under the light of God’s truth. Lets take them by number.

  1. Pride
  2. Who cares
  3. Pride….in that the idea that an elaborate wedding must be done, regardless the money, regardless the conflict it causes, regardless the fleeting nature of a day where things are stepped up due to peer pressure and envy.
  4. I don’t know what to call it but even if stated in jest, this testing of God’s design for women and holding forth that because men cannot do it men are better off is looking a gift from God in the mouth
  5. Vanity
  6. Who cares
  7. This one represents a choice. Its a choice men and women can make to have a cheerful disposition. I’m not suggesting whistling past the graveyard here or walking around mumbling “all things work together for the good”. But moodiness is  having low or no immunity to ones own emotions in terms of how it impacts the way they deal with others.
  8. If a woman wants her call over in 30 seconds it is within her power to end it in 30 seconds. They are rare but women exist who can be concise. This is a distraction from other more important things she may need to be doing. If a phone conversation topic rises to the level of needing a good long yammer, then do the long yammer. Sitting that aside, women talking endlessly on the phone are getting something they want from the conversation or they wouldn’t do it. Heaven knows they are driven to empathy seek by communicating.
  9. Vanity
  10. Who cares
  11. Dishonesty and selfishness. The words “extra credit” are revelatory. It inst extra credit. Its the utter lack of credit afforded men for the things we do daily that are taken for granted. Its that we get credit at all for acts of kindness, not that its extra. This point says that women are envious of that credit. One may respond that they don’t get credit for their daily work either. Well, the day after Mother’s Day is a bad time to raise that argument.
  12. Pettiness
  13. Not really that cheap anymore. Plus, I just bought my wife some underwear at Target that were no more expensive than my own, which indeed come in a package.
  14. Vanity.
  15. Jealousy. Lack of good humor.
  16. Vanity
  17. Vanity
  18. Vanity

His coddling close:

Realize that her life comes with a lot of stuff you don’t have to put up with. Take the time to genuinely listen and understand because God created her as a gift for you.

No, I don’t need realize that, or if I do I need to then whine about my own sorry state. It is good to listen. I suspect for Rainey it must be especially good because he listens and hears nothing except the shortcomings of husbands.

I know he likely has a similar list 18-0 degrees out of phase. It could be nit picked as I have this one. The difference is that people read this about women and go full-furrowed-brow . Reading a similar list written with the genders flipped the reaction is as if to clear satire.

Most of the items are choices, not gender differences created by God.


14 thoughts on “Like an old loafer

  1. One could bring up that every part of pregnancy for a woman from conception to delivering the baby is an (almost) involuntary act that their body, not their consciousness as a person is doing and why do they so readily accept and expect credit for it? I say almost involuntary because she likely consented to the sex act but that’s the only part of the process her mind had any participation in. She is an inconvenienced but involuntary onlooker to what her body is doing until after the baby is actually born. (In these days of rampant abortions it could be proper to credit a woman with not killing her baby but I digress.)
    I do give great credit to intelligent fathers and mothers who dedicate themselves to raising quality, godly children but neither one should be celebrated above the other. Especially in light of the fact that children of single fathers do way better than children of single mothers.

  2. Realize that women lack contentment is what I will do, and realize that feminism and feminist culture as perpetrated by Rainy and ilk is part of the reason for all of this is also what I will do.

  3. @ Empath:

    Your reverting back to a Rainey exploratory has prompted me to resurface as my original self; vascularity777. Second thoughtingly, I see there is no logical correlation from a Rainey-Regressive on your part to a Vascularity777-Resurface on my part. But I’ve had two wives……….

    @ Matt:

    One thing my son’s mother did that I am thankful for was her willingness to follow my nutritional advice while she was pregnant with my son. Some women continue to eat crap throughout their pregnancies, irregardless of all the readily available information regarding the importance of prenatal nutrition.

    @ GIL:

    I agree.

  4. Realize that women lack contentment is what I will do, and realize that feminism and feminist culture as perpetrated by Rainy and ilk is part of the reason for all of this is also what I will do.

    +100. Words 3, 4, and 5 of the first sentence are at the root of everything else they have done to turn human civilzation inside out and upside down.

  5. Yes they lack contentment. Its one of the weeds in their garden. Its part of the empathy drive. Its why legions of Christian men proliferate programs to mind clean men in the churches in such a way that we encourage the wallowing in the emotional muck and never fix…..only wallow along with.

    Its why the best selling female Christian writers and most profligate speakers are those who speak to battling their unworthiness and reminding the poor dears thet they are children of the King.

  6. Perhaps this was not a bad thing when men led families and women accepted that, because each got. A form of deference. Now it is all one sided. Men are expected to be in the traditional woman’s province of the home and be in harmony. Think of advertising of happiness to women, it’s often a smiling woman in a perfect home. However women also compete for men in education and jobs, and men must not merely welcome but celebrate this. So this little list now is not gratitude for the role women fulfill but for them existing in the first place and them putting up with men.

  7. I started realizing it when we were over at CF, that the fundamental problem of the women was that they had a “holy” chip on their shoulder, an axe to grind and that this was incompatible with the teachings of Christ. The grinding victim status of the SJW’s will not take a back seat to anything, even the fact that it gut’s the Gospel.Female superiority is the sole aim.

  8. @GIL

    I started realizing […] that the fundamental problem of the women was that they had a “holy” chip on their shoulder, an axe to grind and that this was incompatible with the teachings of Christ.

    I state it that their desires are always stuck at “on”; they’re always wanting.

  9. Rainey leads with:

    I’m telling you—men just have it easier.

    Telling people how rough their lives are and organizing pity parties never goes out of style. I’ll argue that the whole article is lift-chasing, from the very first sentence.

    Maybe I’m just dense, but why read anything from Rainey at all? It’s just more of the same, a sort of male version of Sheila Gregoire.

  10. Brothers, can someone tell me what “lift chasing” means?

    I’ve Googled, search the manosphere for references, but just can’t find it.

    Thanks in advance..

  11. Sorry to leave that in mods so long.

    Lift Chasing is when men pander to women so that they get praise from women, and to an extent get praise from men. Its the drive that informs white knightery.

    Its based on an old radio bit from a Chicago FM station in the 80’s when Steve Dahl and Gary Meier used to have one of those Howard Stern-ish radio shows and would reference The Lift. They referred to the point when a boy and girl were panting in the backseat of the parked car and she finally yields and lifts up so he could scoot down her pants. Hence….The Lift.

    Men chase sex, they chase The Lift. I coined the term about the general pandering preachers and others do , men online do it especially on forums that are faith based, they crave the female praise they get when they dis other men. The praise is The Lift.

  12. Speaking of The Lift, this should illustrate amply:

    Not surprising that his little bio at the end chronicles a career spent editing mostly women’s publications. I’m sure that when this originally appeared, it was met with gushing and approving nods emanating from the estrogen-filled cubicles of his workplace – surely his primary (or very strong secondary) motive for penning this. aka: The Lift. No doubt followed by a lingering lunch with “the girls” at a quaint little place with gluten-free menus, chai lattes, vegetable quiche, and dessert portion sizes that fit within the confines of a salt shaker.

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