Grant Amy some common sense

Amy’s gone and done it again. For how many years will I have to live with the fact that I ran, not walked, to buy her CD Age to Age with El Shaddai on it. Its going to be at least until her latest altruistic flog passes to and through the American evangelical zeitgeist.

She has an opinion piece up at Fox News where she opens with an  emotional hook that I can express in a math lesson. To remember the  correct order of operations in math you can use the acronym BODMAS.

When Grant says her favorite prayer is:

“Lord, lead me to the ones I need. And, to the ones who need me.”

Her acronym is BOD-my-ass because she has it ass backwards.

Forget all that because that’s not the worst of it.

She proceeds to share heart tugging anecdotes, which actually can have value. I get that. But she takes the warm broth of empathy she has generated and throws in a cold turd from left field.

Over 220 million women around the world have raised their voices to say that they want to avoid their next pregnancy but lack the information or contraceptives to do so. To say this takes extreme courage. And to hear this and do something about it takes courage. This means talking about pregnancy and birth and newborns with influential leaders across the United States [my bold]

Did she just say that 220 million women are unaware how they get pregnant? And by mentioning leaders in the U.S. is she on about insurance and Sandra Fluke stuff, or is she saying women in the U.S. are equally baffled that after laying back and enjoying it so often they have  thought of every county in England, then they are shocked that their pants start getting snug and their belly buttons are inverting?

The feminist leaning emotional ideas start popping up randomly like whack-a-mole.

I can empathize with these women around the world who want a chance for education, employment, and a happier, healthier family.

Will someone map her thoughts for me? Or point me in the direction of the thread… maybe just the “frayed not” from that punchline.

What does Amy make you think of?

Yea, me too….Vince Gill, sheesh.


18 thoughts on “Grant Amy some common sense

  1. Will S. has identified Big Clue 1. Big Clue 2 is Amy embracing Melinda Gates. Big Clue 3 is inviting Melinda Gates to address her “faith community”.

  2. Did I understand you to say that you actually BOUGHT some of Amy’s music? Please, PLEASE tell me I’m waaaay off base here.

  3. Remember that these are the same retards who tell us that gender is a lifestyle choice, but gender preferences are inborn. Is it surprising that they don’t understand how babies are made?

  4. @ feeriker: I must confess, two decades or so ago, I too, purchased some Amy Grant music; specifically, her ‘Heart in Motion’ album. But then, I listened to all sorts of shit back then that I don’t listen to now, so it’s okay. 😉

  5. @ feeriker: I must confess, two decades or so ago, I too, purchased some Amy Grant music; specifically, her ‘Heart in Motion’ album. But then, I listened to all sorts of shit back then that I don’t listen to now, so it’s okay. 😉

    Just to be clear, as annoying as Grant’s music is, it is her and her hypocrisy that I have the biggest problem with. Even if I had been a fan back in her Singing-Songs-About-My-Boyfriend-Jesus days, I would have shredded/burned every one of her albums I had after her frivorce move and her subsequent defection to the Pop genre. I would also have made a conscious effort to never line her pockets with another penny of my money ever again.

  6. Well, as it happens, I had pretty much stopped listening to her music even before her adultery became revealed and her marriage came to light (whether or not I still had her tape at the time), and I don’t even remember whether I got rid of her tape before or after that, but I certainly don’t have it any more, and I wouldn’t even if I still liked that kind of music.

  7. I remember being appalled and dismayed; esp. when I remembered, circa 1990, she said in an interview with People Mag that I read at my summer job that year, “I think it’s okay for Christians to be sexy.” Right, and what happened after that? Instructive, that…

  8. @empathologism,


    Why do so many/most pastors, priests, and christian marriage counselors think the church pews are filled with, “a cabal of he man woman haters abusing their wives?”

    Do they get lots of whiny church ladies coming into their office complaining about spousal abuse?

    Are lots of church women magnifying small things like constructive criticism, a firm voice, curbing credit card binges and portraying that as serious abuse?

  9. Empathological,

    Off Topic Request:

    Would you please post again your well articulated definition of the term, EMPATHOGASM. I lost the copy I had saved on my hard drive.

    Thank You………..

  10. Bee:
    I think that’s exactly what happens. It’s also the same reason why so many psychologists outside the Church have the same attitudes as these pastors towards men in general.

  11. Bee, the answer is Lift Chasing. Honestly, that’s the root of preacher’s doing this

    It would be very interesting to confront these guys and see if they admit to that being the case (even if they’re unfamiliar with the term itself). I would also venture to say that even those who admitted to doing it would deny that it creates any kid of problems.

  12. Never gonna admit that. But Ive shared many times the pastor I was in prison ministry with who had a Baptist church in rural Texas with a few hundred folks, when i asked him about plainspeak regarding Eph 5 and why its not done he said candidly, “my wife is there”

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