Nefandous Reality

People believe strongly in the version of reality that shapes and supports their worldview. People hold worldviews that support the way they see reality.

Take the two images below. These are screen shots from a video where an investment company is explaining what “quants” do and how it relates to investment strategy. Quants do more than stochastic analysis, often delving to chaos and fractals and all manner of really really high math. I find it fascinating but will forgo the tangent.

The first image is a woman with a B.A. in economics. She is the market facing face of the company because she is reasonably attractive and polished. Had they let her just talk about their services like the man in the video does it would have been fine. But they add this segment where she is writing numbers and symbols on a clear board, meant to look as if she is close to a breakthrough on LaPlace’s Demon.

This woman is not a quant. And folks don’t solve differential equations, by choice, with a wax pen and a clear board.

Qwannabe Quant

Quant Wannabe

The woman in the second image just sits and speaks from the table pictured. She holds two degrees in engineering and a Ph.D. in economics. This woman is a quant in real life.

Righteous Quant

Righteous Quant

The presence of the first woman feeds an aspect of the artificial reality that informs women’s worldview. I’m pretty, I’m whip smart, anything he can do I can do…so forth. The reality is that the second woman is, well, a woman too. But do women want to think that a bookish woman from a patriarchal country who wears a head covering and dresses in an androgynous manner is more the reality of of the STEM high achiever? No. So they think otherwise. Then advertisers help them keep their version of reality in place by adding segments like the one with the clear board and the blond.

This manifests in the sphere when women write things like the recent infestation of comments that are drawn from the kind of reality shown with the blond writing equations. The woman is stating things that only exist in her mind because she read them somewhere else and she liked how they felt in her head. No thought was needed, no rearrangement of priorities or changing of beliefs. Just affirmation that in her world men are being taught to be ogres and attractive middle aged women with BA’s in economics are doing Elliott Wave mechanics for investment firms.

There is power in offering up a reality that allows women to self affirm. This power lets call <i>The Farce</i>. The Farce is strong in most women. Women gather under a venerable teacher named Yoga where they feed collectively at the power of the darkest side of The Farce. There is a man or lore who was said to have the farce in him greatly, and despite his altruistic deployment of it, they hold him still in highest regard for his ability to create reality.

He was called OB(GYN)-enobi. He once is said to have spoken a policeman who was leaning into a car full of women, waving his hands and saying “you don’t need to see her identification….these aren’t the women you are looking for”. The policeman repeated back OBGYNs words and left the women to their leave.



5 thoughts on “Nefandous Reality

  1. Dr. Goebbels, the head of the Nazi Propaganda Ministry was married to woman whose maiden name was Quant. I wonder if that’s where the term originated? LOL

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  3. “Think of the press as a big keyboard on which governments can play.”—Dr. Goebbels

    Let THAT one sink in! LOL

  4. I knew about the original assertion, from Australia, that it affords an unfair advantage if, for instance, parents reads to their child. I hadn’t come across this extrapolation that familial destruction with intent to equalize either opportunity or results or both could be an indirect way to fix these coddled advantaged kids who are literate by school age.

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