The sameness of the difference

This is nothing new.

Diversity used to mean something related to the word diverse. Different. Differing. I suppose it still does if the topic is the flavors at Baskin Robbins. Those are still different. Or random people’s taste in music. Very diverse.

I just read an article on Bloomberg where the sameness of a group is heralded for the groups diversity. Consider these two quotes:

The goal is to arm the participants—all women and minorities who have yet to serve on boards other than their own companies’

When he introduced himself to the class, Walker said, he told them, “This is the most diverse group I’ve been in in a very long time.”

Women’s college? Boldly diverse. Black institutions of higher learning? Off the charts diverse. A black women’s college? Queue back light and resonant monk choir note. Diverse wouldn’t do it unless spoken in breathless awe.

If you want to change the people, change the language incrementally over time. Before you know it everyone will be feeling down, which means up, which would be bad, which is good.


9 thoughts on “The sameness of the difference

  1. Apparently “diverse” to liberals simply means “not a straight white male”. Which leads to the really weird realization that an individual person can be “diverse” under the liberal definition. lol

  2. from article “if critics have better ideas, they should get on them”
    Better idea #1. Boards shouldn’t self-appoint. Problems solved. What do I win?

  3. You didn’t quote the full statement: “The goal is to arm the participants—all women and minorities who have yet to serve on boards other than their own companies’—with the knowledge to take seats on corporate and start-up boards.”

    The problem is (apparently) that currently there are very few women and minorities on those corporate and start-up boards (very little diversity). I’m guessing you would want white men in this group too? But the implication seems to be that there are already plenty of white men in the mix. They’ve got enough and don’t need any more, so that would be counterproductive towards the end goal of diversity.

    I’m baffled when white men complain about so-called reverse “racism” and reverse “sexism”. Counteracting the racism and sexism of the current system is not bigotry. It’s justice.

    With that said, women generally make bad leaders (as a matter of biology), and minorities are often poorly educated and can’t speak proper English, which are practical issues. So, I hope these liberal idealists don’t take their efforts too far.

    I used to think I was liberal in my youth. Now, I think I’m more of a compassionate conservative/libertarian. For example, never confuse me with a feminist. What I believe in is benevolent patriarchy.

  4. … to ensure […] equal opportunity, equality of outcome, […].

    Mutually exclusive without the equality of aptitude/ability.

  5. re: “the knowledge to take seats on corporate and start-up boards”

    It isn’t knowledge, or ability, that garners one such seats.

  6. As other commenters have pointed out, “diverse” now means “not a white Christian male”. That is how a group of carbon copies becomes “diverse”.

    “Diverse” is one of those words and phrases that have come to mean the opposite of what they historically meant. Another one is “human rights” which has become a Leftist code word for the suppression of individual liberty

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