The Aryan-Jewish cabal gets in on the ground floor of the new racism

Now I’ve found the conspiracy. Its a messy one.

In 1992 Jeff Hawkins started the company Palm Computing. In 1996 The Palm Pilot was responsible for small groups of businessmen standing in circles smashing their fingers on the buttons of these plastic hand held devices, ostensibly beaming infrared copies of their “business cards” to each other. Weird. I know, I was one of them.

He made bank and plowed that money into his pursuit of artificial intelligence through his company Numenta, whose stated goal is

to simultaneously create a theory of how the brain works, and a computer algorithm to implement this theory.

The first product is called GROK, which is obviously (based on that nomenclature) a stealth-racial-discord stirring algorithm.

At the same time, in the 90’s a German (read Aryan) company called Thyssen acquired two American elevator manufacturers, U.S. Elevator in 1993, and Dover Corp. in 1999. Notable is that across the globe the elevators were marketed under many names, most of which included the name Thyssen.

Wait for it…

Except in Israel. There it was called Israelift.

At this point in the chronology I’m going to let you, the reader, do your own research and find the connection between Hawkins,  Thyssen Elevators, and he who shan’t be named (cough, cough, Al Sharpton)

It exists. The connection.

Here’s how I know.

Erlanger police officer Darryl Jouett had just had dinner and was heading back to his car with his wife when his duty-issue .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun discharged inside the elevator. The bullet ricocheted off the wall and struck him in the stomach, according to Capt. Mike John, District 1 Commander for the Cincinnati Police Department.

[bold is my emphasis]


Somehow the software controlling that elevator KNEW there were racially divisive incidents occurring in the U.S. The Israelis, with not a wit of U.S. best interests at heart, and fresh from having Bibi called ugly names by members of the U.S. administration in D.C.,  loaded these elevators with the ability to just KNOW when the right time would be to have a gun discharge in an elevator striking, you got it, a black man who was returning to his car after dining with his wife.

Officer Jouett will be fine, thank goodness. But the hand of the Aryan – Jewish cabal lift maker left a digital , um, PALM print, uh huh, that I’ve managed to tease out of these co-developing stories.

There…I’ve thrown it down.


9 thoughts on “The Aryan-Jewish cabal gets in on the ground floor of the new racism

  1. First of all, Happy New Year. Secondly, what a conspiracy those pesky Jews have executed. 🙂

    My idea of Israeli Jews is that they’re not only inbred, but that they’re a red population since the Judaic religion concentrated on the atonement of human sin, through animal lamb sacrifices, to God (Yahweh). They also cared about procreation or fertility (e.g. Genesis), as well as good fortune (e.g. red blood on the doors in Exodus) and courage (e.g. King David in the Book of Samuel, 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles). That’s the sole reason why the the Saviour Jesus Christ was born within the ancient Jewish populations and not other tribes. The Messiah would save humanity and atone for human sin through his crucifixion on the Roman cross.

    The whole Aryan Nazism aspect is quite foreign to both Jews and Germans. Aryans have nothing to do with the “reds”, or actual racists. Think of countries such as Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, France, Israel, Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, China, Japan and whatnot. Reds tend to be more about the middle, the balanced path.

    Aryan-ism is, or was, more about the conquest of South Asia, particularly the Dravidian populations. The Swatiska, the symbol of Nazism, was used at least 5,000 years before the modern occurrence of World War II and signified “favorableness” (e.g. advantage, profit, positivity). In Hinduism, it represented God (Brahman) in his universal manifestation and energy (Shakti). It didn’t save the Aryans though, and they failed in their “domination”.

    Historically, miscegenation occurred in India after the olive-skinned Aryan (e.g. Persian male) invaders mixed with the dark-brown skinned native Dravidian women (had sexual relations with them, possibly raped them) and created modern India. The unfortunate truth is that without massive foreign aid, the (average) communities of brown skinned people tends to degenerate into bad behavior (e.g. violence, anger, rage, lack of control, lack of foresight, stupidity), poverty, lack of hygiene, ugliness, matriarchal family system and whatnot.

    Look at modern India with its poverty and health sanitation problems.

    A nightmare, isn’t it? I’m thinking that if the Jews wanted to help the Indians, they would advise on throwing away democracy and instituting a form of military dictatorship in India for thousands of years in order to improve Indian morale and performance.

  2. Its satire, but anyway.

    im a regular visitor to India. Despite best intentions, and much “goodness”, the only way to ever dare I say organize the society is to stop having even a single child for 20 years. Make the societal bread 100% unleavened for a couple of generations. Then maybe an orderly loaf can emerge.

  3. This isn’t directly on topic, but you mentioned a company trying to create AI by doing the same things the brain does, which interests me. I’ve thought about AI a lot (I’m a programmer) and I have a theory I haven’t heard elsewhere. Skip if the topic is not of interest.

    AI is impossible. C.S. Lewis points out that rational thought must be independent of cause and effect in order to be considered rational. If an argument or belief can be explained as the effect of a cause we consider it irrational. People often accuse each other of this, and the accused will defend himself. E.g.:

    “You’re just in favor of lower taxes because you make more than other people, so you stand to gain more.”

    “That’s not it at all, I believe that policy benefits everyone by…” etc.

    Person #1 attacks person #2’s policy preference on the grounds that it is merely an effect of his standing to gain from that policy. Notice that person #2 disputes person #1’s challenge, tacitly accepting that if it were proved that he made the argument for that reason, it would be discredited as a logical, reasoned argument.

    That being the case, if a human brain is nothing more than a physical mechanism (an assumption made by seemingly everyone who talks about AI), then there is no such thing as rational thought. All thoughts are the effects of causes. Essentially the brain is a machine with many inputs, some memory, and a finite number of states; given the inputs and the current state, the output is fixed (or one of a set number of outputs would come, with some randomness). For example, given the state in my brain and the input represented by this post, I couldn’t not be writing this right now.

    This is nonsense, because it eliminates even the possibility of rational thought. Thoughts are the effects of causes and are thus mere physical events. Events can’t be true or false, they simply are. Thus, while this theory could be true, and we might simultaneously think it was true, the two could not be related. We could be right only by chance, since our thought processes would be inherently irrational.

    I have a personal theory that each human soul is an eternal, spiritual entity which exists outside the physical universe, and that the brain is a point of contact where the spirit interfaces with physical reality. I think it’s possible that each spirit is given control over a small amount of matter, that being the matter inside the brain, allowing it to control the physical body while not being physical itself. For those spirits which are particularly in line with God’s will and in tune with the nature of reality, they can perhaps control other bits of physical reality. Jesus can command other matter, not simply that in His physical brain, and to a limited degree so can some other Christians. It may be a little like having the cheat codes for a video game, in that physical reality allows for this by some mechanism that most people don’t know about.

    Anyway, by some mechanism, human thought is not limited by cause and effect, and thus rational thought is possible. Computers, by definition, can only function via cause and effect, thus they can never be sentient. Programs could be created which approximate intelligence, but true rational thought is logically impossible for machines.

  4. This is a major discovery, Empath, but it is bigger than you realize.

    I bet the officer had been involved with di-hydrogen monoxide before the incident…it’s very typical.

  5. AR its worse. Not water. The situation is so heavy that instead of water , …H2O… it would have to be ²H2O, heavy water…with the deuterium Hydrogen isotope.

    That heavy water works great for many things. It can detect neutrinos and quarks and mabey even discern of the Higgs Boson is doing breastroke or backstroke through the water. BUT…it also cleans carpets very well if used at high temps.

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