Some evidence for arithmetic deniers to use against men

The so called law of averages has something to say about the mitigating effect of more data.For example, keep flipping a coin long enough and eventually you approach 50% heads and 50% tails.

Id imagine this law could be put to use by women in denial of of anything that indicates there are sins that tend to be associated with each gender. These women would prefer to keep flipping the coin until the sins were evenly distributed across the two genders and they could say, “men do it too-ooo”. Or would they? That may be too much woman sinnin’.

Empath is here to help.

Being a math nerd and observer of things that could be the beginning of the unraveling of the fabric of the universe, I have noted:

1. In the U.S. the electrical cords have to be plugged in a certain way. if you flip them around they wont fit. One side is larger. So, over many years I have noticed not that the number of times I am correct in cord placement verses the times I am wrong should approach 50/50. But I boldly claim that, even if it shakes the laws Newton observed, even if the apple doesn’t fall down but travels up, I am wrong in my cord placement at least 70% of the time.

2. Similarly, brooms are cut at an angle for sweeping. To lean them into a corner or nook one must put the shorter bristles nearer the wall. Over a lifetime of sweeping, my brooms have fallen out of the corner more often than not. 50% is a distant goal.

I shared these observations with a man who was teaching a six sigma class. He looked down, over his half moon readers perched on his nose and said, impossible. You are mistaken.

I’m thinking these two facts are relevant to the mathematically outlandish and dismissive claims women make. After all, if I can defeat the law of averages with zero effort, why can men and women not be the same except when they are different in a way that makes men look worse?

Don’t be frightened. The orbit and poles of the earth are stable at bedtime.


14 thoughts on “Some evidence for arithmetic deniers to use against men

  1. My answer: I don’t know which it was, biased choice or biased memory or random fluctuations from half/half distribution in either case, or some or all of these. Does it matter? The law of large numbers is not the same as the ‘law’ of averages. If it were so, gambling would be a good method of making money.

  2. Exfernal:
    That’s called the ‘Gambler’s Fallacy.’ Gamblers believe that the more the gamble, the better chances of them winning. But in reality, the odds stay the same at each turn of the game. If you’re playing poker with six hands, the odds of winning are 1/6. The next hand, the odds are still 1/6; though most gamblers believe their odds go up.

  3. Regardless the nomenclature, the fact is that, especially the one with the plugs, is a statistical outlier. The reason however has something to do with the physical positioning. The way you sit an iron on the counter and the way the plug lays naturally then as its taken in hand to be inserted….you get the point.

    Its not apples to apples comparison to a hypothetical coin identical design on each side (for weight) but a different color.

    the broom one is obviously related to how you hold a broom to sweep and the resulting manner in which you approach the corner or nook.,

    Come on guys, I get on to gamers who split hairs. The post was jest. It is nerd-fun to think about though (for us nerds)

  4. Come on yourself and think of something more interesting : ) ‘Gamers’ at least think about a subject that holds considerable interest to any straight man from puberty till death.

    While European plugs here, if not grounded, are symmetrical and can be inserted either way, and I hang my broom on the wall hook by the loop of twine at the end of handle. See? : )

  5. Oh, a similar problem to your coins would be the results of throwing a pair of dice repetitively and noting the results. It’s funny that if you write them as an ordered pair of numbers you will illustrate that no matter how similar, they are never strictly identical. If they were, then (1;6) would be the same as (6;1) and the distribution written as a sum would be more ‘flat’ than it is in reality. I got into trouble once for pointing that to my high school math teacher. I learned then that if you correct a female teacher in class, then you will pay for her ‘humiliation’ in disproportionate measure.

  6. A bonus ‘nerd fun’ question: What type of objects behaves in the manner that would belie my example?

  7. Grr, messed up again. A string of ordered pairs, not a single ordered pair. Too little tries to prove anything, otherwise.

  8. …once again. “As a sum” was meant as a shortcut. I had in mind a graph from 2 to 12 on the x axis and the number of throws with the same result of 2d6 on the y axis.

  9. European plugs I don’t mind,The outlets though get on my nerves because some have a gripping effect that can actually block the plug in. They tend to spark more frequently which is likely the current difference not the plugs. I like. The UK ( hence India and Thailand and Hong Kong etc) are so dang clunky that a state of the art device looks like its from the 50s when you see that thing hanging off.

  10. I do not mean to thread jack, but I could use some christian brotherly help.

    Long story short. I was a player (small scale). My wife is Rollo Tomassi’s Epiphany woman and I got oneitus after marriage. 19 years. She was hardened feminist. I was saved 14 years ago, she about 10. Absolutely no submission from her and she really wants to. I have finally found my balls in her purse and put them back on. Talk about dread!

    She claims submission until I call her on it. Like 1/2 dozen times I told her (stay at home mom) I would like her to do bookeeping (I founded a franchise and have a few offices) during the day. Not at night or weekends. Our lack of sex over the years has gotten better (more her acknowledging the sin of depriving).

    Last week I asked her to come to bed. She said she wanted to stay up and talk to daughter for few minutes. Over and hour later she came to bed. By that time I didn’t want to initiate sex. I called her on lack of submission, she said if I put that energy into rebuking her into initiating I would have gotten sex. I know, complete shame distortion. My reaction was harsh (I guess).

    Few days later (sat.) she is doing books. I told her I wanted to take her for a long walk. So I went alone because she just kept doing books. (lack of submission to my request not doing on weekend). She again blame shifted saying we were just sitting there, so thought she would get some out of way (way behind).

    Same day, few hrs later…. Lets take a bath (large sauna bath). She recommended it previous evening, but we got home late from a movie. She said not we have to go to x office to pick up deposit. I say tomorrow after church. She says that takes extra 1/2 hr and son needs help with h-work before church xmas party. I look at her, she breaks down…. Ok! lets have bath… I am livid, but I never yell. I am the guy who gets ultra calm and level, but it’s obvious. Needless to say I say NO, going to x office. 5 minutes in car she is freaking! Claims I am being mean and she backpedaled and said she offered and I was just being harsh and cruel for going instead of have bath (who wants to have sex to a contentious wife?).

    I lecture her all the way to office and half way home about her lack of submission even when we are going to a nouthetic counselor who told her that sex should happen anytime and a lot!

    She will not let me lead. PERIOD!

    Help a guy out. This dread crap is getting old! I have 1/2 dreaded her all our marriage, but now I have statistics and information that backs up my conviction so it’s like full throttle I can’t stop! Sometimes I feel like I am in hate with my wife, when I just want to lead.

  11. Im having trouble seeing each and every one of these things as submission issues. Maybe its the way you describe them, as if some chronological steps were omitted. This is so prominent that I could read this as a baiting comment, it uses the word “submission” so many times , many awkwardly, that a woman could have written it to try and get a reaction.

    Im not trying to be flip. I will try and read it more carefully later.

  12. Perhaps the reason why you remember all the times you were wrong was because instead of plugging in or setting down and forgetting you had to think about the action again causing it to stick in your memory

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