The Duke has been named

There was a Duke who didn’t know he was a Duke. Over the last 20 years the Duke led what some would say was a very Duke-worthy life, though unlike most titled aristocracy this Duke was actually well loved. He was able to move in the circles formed by the trappings of success while connecting with the regular people.

This Duke often used his publicly prominent position to speak into social issues with a forceful but balanced message. But there were those who disliked his message because it interrupted their cognitive dissonance. Other factions, some sincere and some with overt schadenfreude driven motives celebrated the Duke who was not aware of his title, as it turned out expressly because they, those sycophants, were also unaware of the fact that he was a Duke.

Over those twenty plus years in question, a handful of subjects that had gotten into the Dukes inner circle attempted to elevate his stature to the level of Duke, and they wanted to be known as having been in the Duke’s inner circle. But the Duke ignored their efforts to bestow title on his person. He was happy and wanted to stay blissfully unaware of that station.

The man grew old. In the twilight years of his life suddenly others started cobbling together anecdotes that seemed related. Almost overnight the beloved man was outed. “He is a Duke!” , could be heard on radio and television stations across the land. This was bad.

How can being a Duke in the kingdom be a bad thing? To understand that one needs to explore the history of other Dukes in this realm.

Once upon a time a very famous Duke’s fiefdom was torn asunder by one serf woman. She was an unfortunate outcast, living by selling her favors to the guards of the Duke’s Minor Keep. The Duke was unaware of this, he prided the degree of morality that mainly informed the society that existed in his land. As a feudal executor he did not rule with blood and fist but gently by virtue of generosity born of the land’s bounty.

When  news came to him that the Keep’s guard had taken the unfortunate women and used her, as a group, in ways she had not agreed to, he was crestfallen. His words came out choked.

“Bring me the damsel please”. he said. Shortly the woman came before the Duke. When he heard her tale he was deeply saddened and enraged. He ordered the charge of the guard before him and once the man appeared, the Duke had him immediately and publicly executed. He felt that was the right thing and that it would quench any righteous blood lust arising amongst the good serfs. He was wrong.

Word spread to other local Lords that the Duke had executed his captain for behavior his men had been accused of by a woman of the night. When the other Lords learned the name of the accuser, some of them, having availed themselves secretly to her wares, suspected there were things unknown and wondered if their friend had acted impulsively in the interest of balance and tranquility.

As it turned out, they were correct. The harlot revised her story, weeping as she was confronted by the widow of the Captain. The widow, after the recanting, asked, “What is your name woman?”

“Crystal Gail Mangum”, she said.

This was what the new Duke was thinking as he watched his coronation unfold on national television. “I’m not a Duke and don’t want to be a Duke” , he said.

But the land was no longer of serfs. The prosperity of the people had made them lazy thinkers. They rushed from one pedestrian template of opinion to another, like herds, for no better reason than everyone else was doing it, and by the way it really feels good to deconstruct a Duke.

Especially the newly named Duke…..Bill Cosby


4 thoughts on “The Duke has been named

  1. What is so amazing about these accusations against Cosby (but not really) is how many people who are supporting these women making 30 year old accusations against a social icon at the end of his life and nadir of his power and influence and long after the statute of limitations has run and with absolutely no evidence, thought that scores of women (one of them a Miss America) accusing a sitting President of the United States of rape and/or sexual assault throughout his political career were not worthy of being listened to. And never mind that one of those accusers won a nearly one million dollar settlement and led to the suspension of Clinton’s law license for perjury before a federal judge.

  2. I decided to write this after digging and reading upwards of 15 articles about the accusations, written since 2004. I had a post with lots of links and quotes, some common sense observations that cast lots of doubt on this.

    Ill mention some.

    One was that in 2005 an ABC reporter really grilled one of the accusers on TV. he asked her many impeaching questions. Whats odd about that is that the mainstream media would not deign to anything but fawn over a “victim” if they were even at 50/50 in terms of convinced of guilt. The wrath of women over such a thing would make the narrative be conciliatory at least, more than likely sympathetic and Cosby would be guilty by court of public opinion.

    The second was what got my dander up. The socons (in this case I will make that term derisive) at Fox have gone for Cosby’s jugular. The Hannity interview of the woman from Denver is so incredibly NOT convincing, and so suggestive of attention getting, it was offensive to watch. The woman in her attempt to lay out Cosby’s seduction strategy said he “encouraged her to draw from her vulnerabilities” when she did acting exercises. Really? Has no one ever heard that before? Regardless how silly it sounds, it is something ubiquitous in acting training.

    The time line since the civil litigation and the “13 Jane Doe woman” who “came forward” is truly telling. By the time this fades he will have a hundred accusers.

    One woman was asked why she didn’t go to a hospital and do a rape kit/DNA. Her answer…..I didnt go because no one would believe me. Duh, That’s why the kit exists. She’d have been better off saying there would have been no DNA due to XYZ. The Denver woman said a year after her stuff she went to an attorney who more/less laughed at her saying she had no possible basis for any charges or litigation.

    Cosby is being publicly crucified. We sure didn’t like it when a police officer from Ferguson was guilty by public opinion. At least I didn’t. The only true thing us watchers could say was, we haven’t many real facts. Same here. We have lots of allegations, and no facts.

  3. And if you don’t mind, I’d like to add one simple phrase in Cosby’s defense: the Salem Witch Trials.

    People say, “But there are so many women accusing him. All of them can’t be lying, can they?” Duh?

    One could argue that the MORE women there asserting something dark, mysterious and terrible happened the LESS likely it is to have happened.

    The proper term: Mass Hysteria. Which, by the way, derives from the from Latin “hystericus,” or, “of the womb.” Why? Because it is most common in women.

    Damn! I hate sounding like a misogynist! It’s that damn red pill I took a while back. One of the side effects.

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