So young, so angry…to quote the Iguana

Ive let the link sit there in the comments field. I will take it down. I will not link to The (Angry) Practical Conservative blog and I confess my self loathing for even taking the bait, but this angry woman is a loose canon. And she pissed me off.

She has a post linking to one of mine, where she claims I “rant about housewives being useless eaters”. Oh, and I failed to talk about the Pew data. The notion being, of course, that if I link to a commentary that is about a study and parse it, my stuff is a null set if I don’t, what? Crunch some numbers? Commission a counter study? Go to the special character set button and write some cool statistics equations about the study results? Make a graph?

Not sure I pulled the bait and switch of getting folks sucked in expecting all of that and then giving them, well, something else. Like rants about useless eaters .

Only in this millennium with this particular cohort of thirty-somethings does such a stupid descriptor as useless eater take root in common use and count as a forensic sure-to-score. Jabringer was better, wins on originality.

I do not consider a housewife a useless eater, whatever the hell that really means, nor do I promote any of the things this woman is so seething about.  I’m not a walleyed home school advocate, I’m not rabidly against women’s in vocations outside the home, and other than some sub-group out there in cyber ether, there really are not sufficient people who fit the profile of the targets of her invective.

She scatters words like “reasonable” and such throughout her appeals as a way to set her position apart as the thinking persons position, the one lacking extreme, the practical…when it reads like a bitter screed top to bottom. Her treatment of folks on either side of an issue (but not hugged up against the extreme boundary) is akin to me using the small Pentecostal church down the road from my house as THE standard by which I  criticize anyone who calls themselves Christian.

I would think this kind of writing, in an appeal to women to see the reasoned thought behind it, would be massively off-putting in the way that ,say, Occupy Wall Street may have been off putting to main stream liberal Democrats.

Someone, please, offer some kind advice to this person because most meteors burn totally up on reentry and never reach the ground.

I’m sorry if you clicked over here expecting something of substance and not just some spleen residue from my ventilation.


7 thoughts on “So young, so angry…to quote the Iguana

  1. re: useful eaters.

    Hey, being a consumer provides valuable economic activity. Ain’t no shame in it, just as there shouldn’t be any shame in a man supporting the consuming of his wife (and kids). What *is* shameful is when she doesn’t appreciate him.

    re: special characters.

    I like to use the per mil sign (per mille if you French-spell) whenever possible. For example, Solomon claimed one in a thousand men was worthwhile, i.e. 1 ‰. But 0 ‰ of women.

  2. These days I find every woman I come into contact with is not worth my while in any way. And none of them make any attempt to prove why I should think otherwise. They all assume they have nothing to prove to me. They’re all empty husks; no life in them. I thought the term ‘useless eaters’ was a term invented and reserved, by the Illuminati, for our frail elderly. I’ve never before heard of it being used in reference to women. However, as jf12 says, consumerism has its place in society, whether those consumers are useless or not. One could say children are ‘useless eaters’ because they contribute nothing productive to society in return for their consumption. And women behave much as children do. Women have a cargo cult mentality. But that would be crazy. No one is a useless eater. It’s a ridiculous concept.

  3. Never argue with a woman, because they are generally incapable of recognizing when they lose.

    Laugh, mock, ridicule, and especially – judge. They hate that. Never dignify their cray-cray with your top-shelf logic. Ridicule, judge, and if you must, even insult.

    You will never win them with logic, so you must defeat them with power.

  4. I have see the term useless eaters used by online hipster wannabes as a pejorative. This cohort ( Programmers, programmer wannabes, and the profile, whatever you’d call it and that of The Practical Conservative…note that she weighed in on the issue of females in video game coding industry) , stay up on the power of these words. Ironic in a day and age where words in general have lost their power by definitional blurring. But in a way a logical response to same. If we get no bang for buck with regular communication using clear words with idiomatically traceable etymology, in order to get a bang for a buck they get too clever by half. This elevates THEIR flavor of pejorative to the point of considering a great pejorative jab as effective or more effective than citations, unimpeachable EXCEPT with some other half baked exaggeration expression…like a stand alone proof text.

    I keep pointing out that the source of the angst in many of her post is hyperbole used by others. She refutes the hyperbole as if it was intended literally rather than as illustrative. It would an analog to her behavior if I rejoined something about the fact that I am not indignant about the fact that women are eating and not contributing (In fact I’m nowhere near any of that), reacting to her pejorative rather than to the point she is trying to make using it. Her point is invalid, but I understand that the term useless eater should not be where I counterpoint because I am able to read in context.

    She too can read in context, but it takes away her fun, and fails to stoke her seething.

    She said that I see housewives as useless eaters. Though she didn’t mean that truly literally, it is such great pejorative theater that like minded avant-garde-ish users of de rigueur lingo while in-group would see no need to even go read whats being besmirched. After all, when someone uses “useless eater” they are obviously a like minded person who one can be sure read the parsed post and perfectly sussed out my real meaning. Programmers, programmer wannabes, and the profile, whatever you’d call it, of The Practical Conservative. The fact that she weighed inon the issue of females in video game coding industry

    I would gladly take a village of women who ARE useless eaters over the angry argumentative crowd who are just clever enough to express it cutely while in-group

  5. re: nonverbal “no” (from elsewhere)

    Women hate unambiguous communication, including spreadsheet guy, because it will always make women look bad. That’s why “yes means yes” was promulgated: because women will hate it so hetero sex will go way down.

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