If momma aint happy the kids get dumber

Because that’s what we do.

When things shorten a leg on our comfy chair, they cause us to squirm and wiggle and sit just so in an effort to feel like the legs are all still the same length. We don’t want to go get a new leg, repair the old one, or even just get up and wedge something under the short leg. We find a posture from which we feel undisturbed.

Take the two articles at Bloomberg that I linked in my last post. They were revelatory of our retreat while whooping war cries (Face it, even mentioning divorce is risky, hence the war cry reference) by virtue of the dots they failed to connect.

The next one is worse. It is about a study that concludes there is essentially no correlation between parenting and IQ.  IQ is genetic, they determine, and interventions by parents and/or the education system have no measurable effect on a child’s ultimate IQ.

I’m guessing that lots of Bloomberg readers flipped the laptop shut and guffawed when they read:

the environment that affects IQ doesn’t consist of the advantages that most people have in mind — parents who talk a lot to their toddlers, many books in in the house for the older children, high-quality schools and the like.

That’s not the thing that shortens the chair leg though. People who adopt the lifestyle described in the quote are not bothered by it because their solipsism and quiet egomania with a sense of pedigree for their kids. The Moms in particular can get around these results by thinking, ” people aren’t numbers, everyone is different, my neighbors and sisters all played Chopin music during pregnancy while flipping through travel books about Warsaw.  And their kids are geniuses.

Wonder how they got round this next one though. the study found one correlation between IQ and parenting. Just not a positive one.

Some of the slight effects they did find were in the “wrong” direction. For example, maternal attachment was negatively associated with IQ in the children.


The economy is causing divorces.

Post divorce couples get poorer as individuals.

Being over 50 is causing divorces.

Maternal attachment (which sadly is all that most kids of divorced parents are left with if we are honest) is negatively correlated to IQ.

How much information do we need in order to cough out the words describing the gender specific aspects of the issue? Sorry, I’m being precious again. I mean the things that can be tied to women’s choices. Outcomes for kids, financial outcomes, women chasing utopia by freeing themselves then ending up surveying as a group….far less happy.

The info is all out there. And we are accused of focusing repetitiously on the same things over and over. I wonder why we do that.


5 thoughts on “If momma aint happy the kids get dumber

  1. The info is all out there. And we are accused of focusing repetitiously on the same things over and over. I wonder why we do that.

    Beekawse muhSOJohnee, duh.

  2. Our two youngest are far more attached to me than the the older three were around the same age. Hopefully I’m not making them dumb, LOL.

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