Twofer Day, Cause I Gotta

I found a new term, Emphaticalism, with a mistype in Google. Had to follow it.

This is well written, well voiced, sufficiently informed of facts, but the writer gets himself in trouble akin to too-clever-by-half.

This quote:

What, broadly, are the basics of solidarism? First, it rejects both individualism and collectivism and seeks to uphold the good of both the individual and society. In short, it embraces the common good as understood by sound ethics

If any reader wants to comment on that, I’m interested to know if you see what I see.


5 thoughts on “Twofer Day, Cause I Gotta

  1. What’s good for the individual is not necessarily good for society, and vice versa. But it can be forced to be so, at gunpoint.

  2. The ‘common good’ is by definition collectivism. This person would subordinate all individuals and all systems/institutions to whatever he determines is the ‘common good’. One hive, one queen bee and all others are workers. No thanks.

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