Even a broken clock….

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11 thoughts on “Even a broken clock….

  1. A friend, a reasonably intelligent (PhD in chemistry) woman has a 10-yr-old daughter who has been kept gluten free all her life. Since she first got gassy on *rice* cereal as a baby and was telephone-diagnosed, the mother did a Passover-level sweep of all bread products, and the entire house has been gluten free since. She is convinced the girl is allergic to homeopathic (sub-trace)levels of gluten in things like corn, potatoes, and rice “Sometimes she’s more allergic to small amounts than large amounts.”. Both she and the girl eat a lot of sugar, and chocolate, apparently to compensate their gluten deficiency.

  2. Celiac disease is real, and gluten allergies are also. So J Law needs to get on the STFU bus back to Libertine land from whence she came.

  3. Actually Pat, she didn’t refute the existence of Celiac disease. Listening disorders are also real.
    Libertine land is where the sky, land, and oceans are all gluten free, I hardly think using that label is a reasoned rejoinder to her statement. .

    As a Crohn’s disease sufferer, I’m pretty keen on the gut and parts that follow. And as you no doubt are aware, as an auto immune disease (which Celiac is also lumped with) Crohns suffers are saddled with all manner of inflammation, arthritis, skin issues, etc. etc. And Pat, its a pretty serious condition, Crohns, so one does well to be inquisitive about it…the goal being to avoid flare ups. I;m there on the front line of the war on auto immune issues that impact the GI tract with my Gastroenterologist, I’m not questioning the existence of crohns the same way I do not question fibromyalgia, cat scratch fever , and maybe the vapors. Can’t say that no one experiences physiological effects from gluten. Can say that the diagnostic criteria are threefold and rigorous for Celiac, and involve at least one invasive procedure where a sample os snipped from the duodenum of close by and the surface analyzed under microscope. If you look at, then, the things they are looking for in that final step, its not like Crohns where, BAM, ya don’t need samples nor a microscope, just a quick sigmoid scope and there is no doubt what you see. Nor do you need to have coincident levels of certain blood inflammatory markers that I have and anyone with any auto immune disease have (lupus, etc so forth) and are not specifically tied to one condition necessarily.

    Fact is, the number of people claiming the condition, it is logistically impossible that they all had all three tests, especially the sample snip and microscope one. NO WAY. What the vast majority have is an anecdote, “hey I had a rumbly tummy, stopped the gluten and no more rumbly” and even Docs are enabling the claim of Celiac.

    Comes the psychology of it, which is what J. Law somehow blundered upon, which is odd because she profiles as one prone to fads like anti-vaccinations and such.

    So you see, like most generalities, it isnt aimed at YOU Pat, im sure you are a textbook case of Celiac…..if you say so…..but when i read claims like those in response to her that said “70% of the population is gluten intolerant I call gluten free bullshit.

  4. LOL! Orthorexia nervosa!

    The discussion in Romans 14 is quite illuminating. On the one hand, we have “Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth” as well as “Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.” Thus, the limited ones, the orthorexic ones, are definitely in error if they believe that the reasons they have for limiting themselves ought to necessarily apply to others. And frankly the free ones (heteroexic?) are the correct ones; they are right that they can do what they want, and the others can do what the others want.

    On the other hand we have admonition like “It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.” To me, this sounds like the overarching teaching is that the correct free one MUST yield to the incorrect bound one if the bound one is the squeaky wheel.

  5. jf12 I disagree with your last paragraph. To not be othorexic doesn’t not mean one has a devil may care attitude about food. Its silly to say our days are numbered so eat eat eat and waddle waddle waddle (or per current-ish lyrics….wobble wobble wobble). At the same time I want to bluntly take down professing Christians who cannot seem to talk about anything but their diets.

  6. re: “jf12 I disagree with your last paragraph”

    I kinda do too; there is an unstated nuance in which the free one’s charitable consideration is also free. On the other hand, this teaching is the main reason I don’t drink at all.

  7. re: intoxicants.

    My brother was a raging alcoholic, and died from it, but we were raised that if we drank (or smoked, or any other of the softer vices), then it would pollute or at least dilute the effectiveness of our witnessing. Evangelizing the unsaved would be more difficult if they saw us indulging since then they’d foresee fewer effectual changes in their own lifestyles towards holiness standards (ahh, evangelical buzzwords). Moreover evangelizing the “once saved” crowd would also be more difficult if they (erroneously) thought drinking wine with supper was sinful and saw us doing it. That’s how it was ‘splained to me, as effectiveness, i.e. practicality, but Romans 14 is the Scriptural background.

  8. jf12 I was raised around lots of alcoholics. Not just my single mom-I say single but she was married 9 times, and the whole community where i grew up was rural Appalachia. The poorest least populated county in Ohio , highest unemployment, highest welfare and food stamp per capita, 100% white and more than 50% dysfunctional. Lots and lots of alcoholics.

    I don’t like most of the Christian jargon to describe it but my conversion came at 32. Ill be 52 in two weeks. I had a keen interest in my early days as a Christian, in all the discussions about alcohol. I have heard what you shared , in various iterations, many times. I’ve heard myriad others. Ive sat in a Baptist Sunday school for young adults (when I was one) in Houston area where the father of one of the members went red faced during a discussion of alcohol ….holding his tongue until the end when he nearly exploded saying at his church “the rules on drinkin’ are right there on the bulletin”

    Later I think I went to several similar churches in the towns in Texas where my in laws lived. I listened to them make similar anti gambling claims, especially condemning anyone seen with a lottery ticket. You probably know the scriptural basis. While I simply have no interest in gambling, casinos bore me terribly, I couldn’t see the fact that soldiers cast lots for Jesus’ things as he hung on the cross as a cle3ar anti gambling message.

    I raise all this not to argue about drinking. I am not at all motivated by that dispute on one side or the other. The one anecdote I would mention just because it was formative is that despite the dysfunction where i was raised, I saw something there that only later in life did I realize was a group of real people, many of them both Christians and alcoholics. I saw that sort of thing as being for less common in the rural baptist informed communities Ive been tangentially associated with for the last 25 years. That’s just me and my experience. Ive never been 100% at ease among “the chosen” especially in the south.

    Why am I writing this? ive no idea.

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