Hamsters eat an Apple

Ive never liked Apple stuff. I bought an Ipod in 2004. When I ran smack into the Itunes interface I rushed out to get an MP3 player that was user friendly. I enjoy listening to intelligent people explain to me that Itunes is simpler than dragging and dropping in a Windows environment.

I don’t like that Apple is insular. It doesn’t play at all, let alone well with others. Listening to Jobs say, as his long fingers splayed across a prototype Ipad, that there would never be something that could plug in, that there would be no replaceable parts, that these are complete, I was left with no desire. Looked like a cool extra toy.

Watching the masses queue up at a new Iphone release is a damning cultural testimony. Like its always been since societies formed, those who would be nonconformists are those most prone to conformity. Now, everyone looks like a hipster. All stores have clean lines and spartan shelves, like a Blade Runner era foreshadow of future retail. And the products that are really really great (Macbook Air) are over priced, while the accessible products are created for those who for whatever reason share Jobs’ vision, whether they do or not.

So, my employer, two years ago, gives me an Ipad. Yes, I liked having a FREE Ipad. Friends of mine, Apple enthusiasts mostly, deride me for complaining I cant plug in a mouse. Fine, like I said its a cool extra toy then. To be carried in addition to a phone and a PC because it cannot and will not do what I need for work.

Don’t talk jailbreak, that proves my point.

Worse, now it stopped accepting charge. Its alive, it sees and acknowledges the power source, but nada. No way to fully boot up.

Who knew you must make an appointment, signing up with an androgynous person whose race is just beyond identifiable because they look like a computer generated member of the new race….”Allrace” and returning a day later. I did. And they said sorry bub, battery bad the Ipad is a door stop.

“Can I get my data?”

“No sir, that’s anti privacy, you don’t want people flipping through your family photos do you, that’s why you should have used the Cloud.”.

Really, hmmmm. I disabled Cloud on my Ipad as well as my kids and wife’s Iphones because there are myriad ways for leakage of private things unless you read and memorize an Apple user manual and disable 15 different ways it defaults to “share” your crap. This problem is not just an Apple issue, its part of the endlessly linked Google options and Microsoft has “One Drive”.

Nevermind, the guy was full of it. One needn’t “flip through family photos” to transfer data. drag a folder, drop in in another device. Job’s didn’t like that. I do like that. And I’m out several hundred funny family photos and videos because I didn’t use The Cloud.

My home is an Apple free zone starting today.


15 thoughts on “Hamsters eat an Apple

  1. Tablets are a made up middle ground product that I generally have no use for other than in airplanes, and even there if the plane has wifi, I prefer my android phone to a tablet.

    Anyplace else, I prefer my laptop. I guess I type and write more than most, whereas most seem to just flip and drag and not type, because typing with a tablet is like having a root canal.

  2. Empath, I totally agree with you. I’ve said for as long as I’ve dealt with it that iTunes is the weirdest thing that makes it so incredibly complicated to do the simple work of copying file A to device B.

    They have this whole paradigm that’s utterly alien to me, a person who works with tech every day. Maybe I have to know less. Treating all your songs, videos and pictures as some kind of consistent database blob wherever you go so everything’s the same everywhere — maybe that makes sense to someone. (Don’t people often have more songs than will fit on their phone though? What the heck does iTunes do then?) Me, I like to put specific things on my devices for specific purposes, e.g. I have a flight so I want some episodes of such-and-such show for the flight and layover. I don’t want to copy everything I’ve ever owned to my phone.

    I’ve often felt that the more companies try to make it easy for me to do something, the less sense it makes to me (I first noticed this with CD burning software). i guess since I usually understand the complex version pretty well the simple version is actually more confusing for me.

  3. My iPad has been a waste of time and money…especially time. I bought it (iPad2) just after it came out, for work because my work is very mobile. The second time I laid it down and left it two blocks away I stopped carrying it for work. It became a YouTube player, with web-surfing capabilities. At home I took it everywhere: bed, couch, bathroom…always reading or watching. Terrible. The only real use it got was my wife’s coupon-ing. It’s been posted on CraigsList over a week.

  4. Lately I’ve found a use for my tablet. Applications that help me check on personal finances, Texas holdem, A tv remote and a few other things. Tablets have become handy in my house. I’ve liked apple products but I didn’t the way they do business. Especially since I would have tried to develop something for it one day. Too many bad developer stories for me to leverage their products; let alone the price of getting one.

  5. It’s just a business gimmick. I hate typing on my iPad, but as with empath, mine was free, and it is basically something I play games on now and then, watch videos on and stuff. What I do like is iTunes, it’s nice to be able to just buy that one song you like from an album. ANd
    I hate the Apple Store too. I feel like I enter a Pixar movie when I on rare occasions have to go, but not in a good way.

  6. Nova, I’m the same as you. I write or use spreadsheets, hence tablets are useless. My employer gave it to me and because it is Ipad 2, it has a cell signal and an unlimited data plan through work so , like Cane, I was trapped in carrying the thing room to room, using it when we were watching a movie, taking to the bathroom even because its also my book reader. That is all I miss, and may just get a Kindle.

  7. I’m very surprised Apple doesn’t have an application that supports spreadsheets. I’m an android guy so apple applications aren’t my expertise.

  8. Empatho,

    A geek friend of mine told me that the following should work, but he hasn’t done it himself:

  9. sonofdeath, spreadsheets are supported in that they can be viewed and manipulated. But can you imagine managing a spread sheet without a mouse or at least touch pad? Think “jazz hands” for what Jobs imagined the user doing with fingers so that his pure seamless design didn’t get corrupted by plug in devices.

    misanthropic, I have Wondershare on the PC already from recovering off an Android phone, so I know that program. I will certainly attempt this method and thank you for posting it

  10. I chose an Android phone over an iPhone solely because they told me you can’t open up the iPhone to replace the battery. The sales guy never got so far as explaining the differences or features in the phones.

    Doesn’t matter how snazzy iPhone is over Android is it quits working and the only option is to drop $$$ on a new one.

  11. Exactly. The stuff Jobs thought was cool became stuff that he needlessly obsessed about, leaving lots of inconvenience for users. I find it strange that the most tech savvy seem to be the most Apple addled.

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