The antidote that is also a vaccine

Dalrock has been on Matt Walsh’s six for several posts. Matt lacks anyone to “have his six” aside from a fickle gaggle of gigglers who get boosted up with righteous indignation when he writes things they can hammer men with. Most recently Dalrock unpacks the innate hypocrisy on 50SOG and the Christian women who rationalize their way through the pages.

As I was thinking about the whole porn-is-evil-and-adultry thing, I thought about a guy I know whose wife kicked him out and divorced him for porn on his PC. A few months later she was pregnant by some random guy. Didn’t marry him, but at least had the baby. As far as I can tell she would still maintain that she was the moral actor in that sequence. This 50SOG thing is a lighter fictional take on that real world happening.

I was also thinking about some wisdom I saw in a cell phone ad. When the dad is leaving on a trip and climbing in the cab, the kids tell him they put videos on his phone for him to watch so he wasn’t too home sick. The wife says “I put a vid on there to , but (whisper) don’t watch it on the plane dear”.

How many men can imagine that scene? Oh sure, stuff like that isn’t as rare as a skull from Olduvai gorge, but its neither present in many marriages in the pews. Not that it need be r rated vids to achieve the effect, most marriages lack even a wink in this direction. I remember seeing that ad and wondering how many women silently were offended, some even speaking out indignant about how horrible that must be that that poor woman must pander to her man’s base drives that way.

The wife’s character in that ad was in possession of a rare form of medicine. It is a compound that is both a vaccine and an antidote, capable of preventing things from happening, and equally capable of boosting the man’s immune system to set right anything that ever may have happened and kill it off.

Rather, women rant that porn is adultery, then they use that to rationalize following their heart off to EPL land. Even things like the example I mentioned above fail to illustrate reality sufficiently to get women to catch a snap, as they rally to support that poor woman wronged by porn and by a husband that perhaps was worn down by consistent frigidity and rebellion.

They talk about that sort of thing in the neighborhood ladies book clubs. And they miss the forest for the terrariums they have painstakingly constructed.


25 thoughts on “The antidote that is also a vaccine

  1. Empath:
    A good question to such women would be: what do they offer to men that men couldn’t get from porn? The answer is, unfortunately, they’ve made porn a better option for most men. An interesting article, written a few years ago came up again recently. This deals with the growing trend towards homosexuality moreso than porn use, but the point is the same:

    “I feel sorry for straight men. The only reason that women will have sex with them is that sex is the price they are willing to pay for a relationship with a man, which is what they want. Of course, women will deny this and say ‘Oh no, but I love sex, I love it!’ But do they go around having sex the same way that gay men do?”

    Good question, and it applies to porn and prostitution as well. We hear from women all the time about how valuable sex supposedly is to them, but the only ones who seem genuinely interested in it are porn stars and prostitutes—who are paid for it. Women have nothing to offer men sexually, because they reflexively hate us for our gender and see nothing of value in masculinity whatsoever. So small wonder that men turn to porn, prostitutes, and even homosexuality because women offer us nothing but contempt.

    When one thinks about it, what Fry says is hard to refute. If anyone tried to convince him to give up his homosexuality on the grounds that heterosexuality is better—what arguments could he realistically make? The same with arguments against porn or prostitution. From a moral standpoint, one could make the argument that celibacy is a more spiritually sanctioned option; but that’s as far as it goes. Celibacy; ‘alternative sex’; or the living death of a modern relationship—those are the three options confronting men today.

  2. I’m going to surmise, and will be correct, that husbands who look at porn would also tend to enjoy looking at their wives and having sex with their wives, but their wives don’t want sex with their husbands (and also don’t want to be looked at by their husbands).

    In contrast, wives who consume sex novels do so because they want to think about sex with handsome rich cruel strangers *instead* of their husbands, and don’t want sex with their husbands.

  3. Oh I don’t doubt women love sex; the caveat is with an apex alpha( or someone she sees as an apex alpha). Then real life sets in, he looks less alpha and her vagina dries up.

  4. Excellent post from Empath and excellent comments from Eric and jf12 above. Why? Because what you’re saying is 100% true. I would have found these truths depressing once upon a time (and it does still sadden me); however these days I’m better able to soften the emotional blows by reminding myself that God will have His comeuppance on Satan, the world, and the flesh. I continually remind myself to put my faith in Him, and he does strengthen me. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. A wife’s overt sexual interest in her husband is doing more good than a medicine. It is sustaining to him, like necessary food.

  6. I submit for you approval the 2nd sin of feminism (due to Emps prompting).

    Sins of Feminism

    1) Lack of Self-esteeeeeeeeem
    2) Feeling the need, compulsion, duty or obligation to take care of your husbands needs.

  7. Yes more than meds if it is freely given consistently. However, like the Epstein Barr virus and its initial onset of mononucleosis, later, things manifest, fibro myalgia, chronic fatigue…..thats when its medicinal aspects are in play

  8. sfcton:
    I’m divided on the issue of female sexuality. There seems to be a clear that female sex drive is socially more than biologically driven—hence it makes it difficult to determine whether they have any sexual drives at all. It’s intriguing that more and more women are experimenting with lesbianism as that becomes more ‘socially acceptable.’ I think that most women are latently bisexual and sexually frigid.

    What’s hard to say is whether or not this has always been the case, or a recent development under feminism. Still, the fact that women can abandon their biological instincts so easily seem to indicate that they really don’t have much use for sex.

  9. I’m circling back to the concept of nutritive “medicine”. Vitamins and other supplements work because there is a lack, whether because the body can’t produce it or the unsupplemented diet doesn’t contain it. I think in this case the wife’s sexual interest *isn’t* vaccinating or antidoting the man from other sexual interests, but instead is supplying him with his sexual meat and potatoes and carrots, so he doesn’t have a lack to be supplemented elsewhere.

  10. Speaking of antidotes, vaccines and contagion but going wildly off topic. I think they “oopsed” on their Ebola precautions. I think the horse has left the barn and that we are getting asymptomatic transmission. With a 3 week incubation window this could (could) be pretty bad. Even a period of several days of asymptomatic transmission could easily mean a global pandemic as WHO plays catch-up on their quarantine policies. Seeing medical doctors and top researchers going down after following all of the standard precautions is a very very bad sign.

  11. I thought about a guy I know whose wife kicked him out and divorced him for porn on his PC.

    For run of the mill stuff? Not gay or child? Seems like there would have to be more to that story.

    Anyway nice post!

  12. Nonya

    Nope, not gay or child. The man’s PC was subjected to all manner of forensics at great expense. It was a witch hunt that yielded plain heterosexual adult one on one (man/woman) or solo woman porn

  13. The sum of all fears, public health version, will be a very deadly virus that cannot be cured, but researchers discover or make a slightly different or mutant version to “fight fire with fire”. Which, of course, will be the zombie virus.

  14. I’m feeling quite worldly today, so apologies, but this fits in a twisted i.e. worldly way.
    Your love is like bad medicine.

    (That’s what you get for falling in love.)

    Totally irrelevantly, I have had my feet up on Alec John Such’s coffeetable before.

  15. For run of the mill stuff? Not gay or child? Seems like there would have to be more to that story.

    There was:

    A few months later she was pregnant by some random guy.

    That kind of explained it for me.

  16. GIL , now THAT is cool. Ive a typical compound bow, kind of set aside collecting garage dust, but that thing….that will deal with every form of zombie. Now if you have a car from the 60’s to get around the EMP as well as a Faraday cage built into the frame of your home, you will be sittin pretty where you live. besides, even zombies wont bug you up there. they prefer warm blooded human mammals.

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