A “Present Shock”…linking follow-your-heart and divorce

The pastor in the linked file used themes from the book “Present Shock”, which, if you’ve not read and are inclined to such things, its an interesting one.

That we (humans, people, society) are not subject to an overarching narrative is indisputable. Any narrative, let alone the epic one found in the 66 books of the bible, or its ( important…for us) themes on the meaning of life, the reason we exist, so forth.

From this opener the sermon goes into some interesting points about the ministry of God the Father before sin entered the world and how He instructed human(s) to live…that we needed that instruction even before we sinned, not because of sin, but because we are humans. Then, regarding sexuality and relationships the speaker made bold proclamations. He comes as close as a diminishing asymptote to linking some things that could shed some light on divorce in the church. Close enough, for those who can hear it. Light years away for the rest.

“To follow one’s heart is an utter disaster”, he states. He repeats that in several forms and contexts. Later, he states something about 50% of Christian marriages ending in divorce. He gets there, to divorce,  through a minefield discussion of sexuality and sexual sin.

That there are minutes and topics separating the admonishment to not follow one’s heart, or feelings, and the statement that so many Christians divorce. It was a kind of mental coitus interruptus for Christian men’s issue thinkers. The coitus analogy holds to the end, because I was both a little frustrated and a lot glad he got as close as he did..

Its simply a good sermon. My favorite of those Ive posted from this pastor.


3 thoughts on “A “Present Shock”…linking follow-your-heart and divorce

  1. Snowy

    I cannot believe that. The preacher says “l hear a woman say she lets her husband run the show and he tells her, mam, let me tell you something, you dont have any authority TO delegate, you have no right to let him”

    It would take about one pastor like this for every 10 mealy mouthed ones and either churches would be empty of women, or, marriages, families would be set to healing.

    Thank you for that. Ive downloaded it. Plain spoken, not fancy, not overly dramatic but good oration, and such bold statements that I see scenes like putting water on the witch in OZ happening in the pews.

  2. Yes Empath it’s very hard-hitting, oh so true, and very inspiring. How are the descriptions of the husbandl-wife relations of some of the old-school (mainly Baptist, I think from memory)? Fantastic inspiration, aren’t they? Living Godly lives together. There are many more excellent sermons on SermonAudio. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately I lost my SA downloads because I had to reset my phone, and lost the app. I was lucky I had this link in a note.

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