My Fathers Day Gifts

Way of the norm….and these two things could not be more different, but I thought Id leave a digital record of a great fathers day….


My youngest made this card. Hope you can read the captions. Brutal honesty:20140615_191154 20140615_191203 20140615_191210


Hope you all had a good day.


13 thoughts on “My Fathers Day Gifts

  1. Very nice! They recognize you bend over backwards for them.

    My son came over Saturday afternoon and stayed through Sunday dinner, and we had a good time even though we didn’t “do” anything.

  2. And I got a bright new tie, garish and floral, from my wife. It was unexpected; she ordinarily chooses somber blues, grays, and browns, with rigid almost architectural geometries, stripes or checks mostly.

    The church did a FD presentation that did not focus on dads’ shortcomings, although both the presentation and sermon had repeated encouragements to both keep on doing well and to do better. I never do recall similar encouragements on Mother’s Day: “Thank you to all the Mom’s for all the great sandwiches, but they could be better.”

  3. My sons took me out to lunch. Chinese buffet. They are 21 and 19, and I really enjoy their company.
    Our church did a video of fathers encouraging their children with “You got this” through various circumstances of life. The implication being that the training was already there. It was a good video, even made me cry in that the one blond curly headed boy reminded me of my own son. Then the last scene was of a granddad with a baby, and the daughter handing him a diaper saying “you got this” completely and utterly destroying the whole message.
    Then the speaker that morning spoke of the Father’s love for us, and more than made up for it.
    It was a good morning.
    By the way, our adult class is a “marriage tune up”. I’ll let you know how it goes, now that thanks to Empath and others I am more aware of the feminazi encroachment. We only had one session of five so far. Pretty good if you apply what was said to both men and women.

  4. GIL

    Hey hey hey, no chunks on this middle aged body. hasten to add, not saying I am rippling with over sized muscles and such, but I maintain my 20 year old waist size.

    A stick figure is pushing it……I admit

    Time for your quarterly post(s)?

    Send me a carrier pigeon or smoke signal when you can and catch up. I’m at the usual coordinates

  5. Sure, sure, I’m not a prolific poster. Been pretty tired lately. I am actually actively trying to disengage with this culture. You know that right? I’ve been doing a bunch of driving which means listening to FL and FotF and Dave “I love Oprah” Ramsey. I’m also really being taken to task by God concerning my caustic and critical spirit. I don’t know how all of that pans out.

  6. …which means listening to FL and FotF and Dave “I love Oprah” Ramsey.

    Why oh why would you do that to yourself?

  7. Because the other option is NPR….Democracy Now, Fresh Air and All Things Considered.

    We have a total of three radio stations, only 2 when you get out of town. My employee truck has a strippo radio and I drive 400-750 miles a week.

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