Louis Vuitton is an accessory, Its owner is not

Another horror story about abortion. The provocative email subject line is : 35 bodies found in a freezer.

Recently I wrote about Virginia Cobb and her Virginia based group, The Family Foundation. The previous post was about her group praising pastors who showed up or mentioned their rally-for-marriage event. Predictably, a rally for marriage had nothing to say about divorce.

Maybe they got succored by Shaunti Feldhahn.

That they lathered up about gay marriage and didn’t mention divorce is sleep inducing, predictable. But 35 bodies in a freezer can hardly be the subject of an article likely to be called predictable or sleep inducing.

The Family Foundation has busted another house of horrors abortion clinic. This is objectively a good thing. It is a good thing regardless the extra-horrific activity that is alleged to have happened in this clinic vs. other clinics (I am not going into details). Cobb is making hay with the story. the home page of TFF site is loaded with stories about the abortion clinic. Their email blast is stuffed with links asking for donations to help produce the video mentioned in this ad:

brighamSomething that should be obvious to everyone is off.  Like the Monty Python skit said, “one of the flay rods has gone out of skew on the treadle”. I know the answer but ask anyway, why are we more outraged when we see stories like this than when we hear the number of abortions per year and related statistics? Because this appeals to a different nature within us than mere abortion. The nature(s) this appeals to in people is/are not necessarily virtuous. There is the twisted nature some have. There is the bandwagon. The grief and empathy as porn nature that creates piles of flowers and teddy bears and weeping strangers explaining that their 5th cousin once ordered an Ipod Touch on Ebay that came from a guy whose brother once drove through the area where the atrocity took place so don’t you know how this hurts MEEEEEEE? Like that. And no one seems to realize that to gnash teeth at this horror and stay silent on the other 99% of abortions is to actually take comfort, assuage guilt, using a sort of NAAALT (not all abortions are like that).

This gets worse. The email blast sets the tone early with this blindingly stupid and painfully obvious obfuscation of the genesis of the vast majority of abortions:

Already the abortionist owner, Steven Brigham, has been charged with murder because of botched abortions that have harmed women and killed innocent human babies.[emphasis in original]

Steve Brigham, charged with murder, killed

harmed women

35 babies murdered by mothers, mothers suffer harmful after effect

Near the end of the email she adds:

We know that it’s not just pro-lifers like you and me who want to stop the atrocities against women and unborn babies by the hands of this Gosnell-like monster. [emphasis mine]

To encourage donations she shares a success metric:

In the last four years, our policy work and the work of campaigns like this has resulted in 8,000 saved lives here in our Commonwealth.

How did they do that? Did they close clinics? Did that leave pregnant women seeking abortion inconvenienced? Do they speak to women, trying to convince them that what they are doing is wrong?

They list their pro-life successes on the site:


  • Required Parental Consent for Abortion
  • Appropriate Health and Safety Standards for Abortion Centers
  • Require opportunity for women to view ultrasound prior to abortion
  • Wrongful death for unborn
  • Informed Consent for Abortion
  • Fetal Homicide Law (Conner’s Law)
  • Prohibited Partial Birth Infanticide
  • Passed Prenatal Protection
  • “Established Choose Life” License Plate with Proceeds to Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  • Eliminated State Taxpayer Funding of Low-Income Elective Abortion
  • Outlaw Elective Abortion in Obamacare Health Insurance Exchanges

This list of initiatives is standard fare for pro-life groups. Legal advocacy, appeals to women, publicity campaigns like license plates, so forth. Only a few of them do not focus on changing a woman’s mind, limiting her access,  or offering her other options. It is clear even TFF sees women as one focal point for pro-life advocacy.

So why, if women can decide to go to an abortion clinic or not and can decide to follow through with killing their child or not, why, when the babies murdered by the doctor that the women visited expressly for that purpose, of their own volition , why are these women victims of atrocities, harmed by the doctor, and then exploited as an empathy trigger by TFF to attract donations, and the babies tortured and killed owe only the doctor blame for their life being extinguished?

I have been amazed at ostensibly pro-family groups supporting divorce, directly or indirectly. Now one of those groups exonerates women completely for killing their children, establishing the default position for good conservative reader’s comfort…victim.

Women can’t be an accessory. Louis Vuitton IS an accessory, but he was born…a man.





19 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton is an accessory, Its owner is not

  1. Good point. Even when women kill their unborn children they are still considered victims. Pure cultural lunacy!

  2. This kind of shows that actual pro-lifers who care about aborted unborn babies aren’t white knights and that the freaky “women are victims” strain is inherently unnatural to them.

  3. My past comment on Dalrock’s blog on the #poutyface thread about that weird white knighting strain:

    White knights, and chivalrous fathers, the ones who are afraid of slut-shaming their own precious daughters and support Christo-feminism, are not the anti-abortion types. They send their daughters to college and give them contraception. They don’t go around abortion clinics handing out fliers, or spread the message of how the false god of Moloch exists.

    The anti-abortion types seem more concerned with history, science and morality/ethics. In a weird way, they tend to put the concerns of unborn children over what women in general say, and they don’t put women on a pedestal since the whole image of a woman killing her own baby is a pretty ugly and horrifying one.

    Anti-abortion types seem to tolerate illegitimacy on some level though, so that’s another issue.

  4. Note: I’m currently travelling the world and experiencing extreme jet lag, so apologies if the time zones are off.

  5. Alces

    My posts and comments have often come from a range of US Central Time + 6 up to + 12 as I ranged from UK to Thailand and points in between at + 7 , +8 and the most interesting tie zone, +10.5 (India).

    I found it frustrating no one ever responded to my awesome take on things until 24 hours later.

  6. This is how abortion must be seen in Half Ephesians Country. Abortions would not happen if men did not want to have sex with women when it is not appropriate for them to. Women in Half Ephesians Country can be tricked into having sex because their hearts are full of love, but they would never make a choice on their own to have sex. In fact, women never make a choice to have sex.

  7. “In fact, women never make a choice to have sex.” Sojournerscribe synthesizes the current feminist teaching, which postulates women are accessories to sex, the corollary making them accessories to their own rapes.

  8. I recently was subjected to the sight of grown men wearing Vuitton shoes. Granted they weren’t too Merrican to begin with, New Yorkers at best, probably furriners, but still. I told my wife she’d be more likely to see me carrying a Vuitton purse than wearing Vuitton shoes. So, of course, she wnted to go shopping.

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  10. These abortion clinics should give out ‘Frequent Customer Coupons’ like women in the old days got S&H Green Stamps. “Have 3 Abortions, Get the 4th One Free”.

    Most of these abortion doctors are like mad scientists. The way to get rid of them is by stopping demand for their services. But that won’t change anytime soon. Groups like TFF have bought into the Big Lie that women don’t really want abortions (in spite of the fact nearly half of them have one or more) any more than they really don’t want divorce (in spite of the fact that 2/3 of them get divorces, which are 90% female-instigated); or any more than they don’t really want to be single moms (even though fewer than 1/3 of US children under 12 live with both their biological parents).

  11. Sojourner:
    “Women never make the choice to have sex.”

    They in fact do, it’s the desire to have sex that they lack. To clarify: most women are steeped in misandry to the point where they are sexually frigid. However, women’s power is based in their sexuality. When they hate men as deeply as feminism teaches them to, they lose their desire for sex, but at the same time need sex to validate their self-worth. That’s the main reason why they reflexively slut around with dirtbags on the Cock Carousel; but shun and despise any REAL man. They’re not engaging in promiscuous sex or screwing bad-boys because they enjoy sex; they’re engaging in it to prove to themselves that they aren’t frigid or lesbians.

  12. Allow me to distill all that down to a bumper sticker for you: Divorce Aborts a Whole Family.

    As does single motherhood, women delaying marriage until their fertility is about nil, as well as just about all the rest.

    Who needs a family when you’ve got a feminist totalitarian police state giving you femtopia for free?

  13. I cant go along with the fact that women have no desire for sex. I assert the opposite. They feign disinterest in sex in marriage because they don’t ant sex with the husband, but at the drop of a hat they will risk everything for a rut in the back of a car at a city park. They don’t do that with zero desire for sex, or just to convince themselves they aren’t frigid.

    Once SSM wrote a comment that stayed with me. She was saying (and asking other women to confirm she wasnt alone) that the presence of a really attractive man makes women’s limbs go weak. She wasnt writing metaphor.

  14. She was saying (and asking other women to confirm she wasnt alone) that the presence of a really attractive man makes women’s limbs go weak.

    If I recall, she was actually saying that it doesn’t happen that way for many women. And certainly not from photos. But it does happen, for certain.

    I never have been able to understand Eric’s absolute insistence that women don’t like or desire sex. It confounds me.

  15. I think part of the thing of “women don’t like sex” comes from sheer frustration. It’s generally accepted that the average man likes sex, but where’s the consensus on the average woman?

    Some (Sex and the City, Cosmopolitan, etc) would say that women like sex as much as men. Others (conventional Churchian wisdom for instance), say that for women there is an emotional necessity before desire can begin, still others say that it’s really a roll of the dice. It’s all over the map. Feminists in particular seem to have a very ambivalent view on sex. Common memes sneer in contempt at men’s desires, even as they applaud those of women. And I can’t help but think of CF where there were a number of supposedly Christian women talking about how sexual desires were not a real drive, were not a real yearning or anything, just social conventions, even outright sin, that ‘real desire’ came from a place of emotional yearning.

    So it’s probably easier to just handwave the whole thing, less frustrating.

  16. Some (Sex and the City, Cosmopolitan, etc) would say that women like sex as much as men.

    At certain times of the month, yes. Maybe even more than men during those times.

    Others (conventional Churchian wisdom for instance), say that for women there is an emotional necessity before desire can begin

    That’s just a way of allowing wives an out. For some reason God designed us where women (unlike men) don’t have to feel desire to do the deed.

    It’s all over the map.

    A grain of truth on both sides, but with the glaringly obvious left out. Physiologically, the need to be “feeling it” isn’t required for a wife to do right by her husband. she can do what is right whether emotionally satisfied or not. The whole question is rather moot.

    We discussed this at LITR earlier this year and some one offered the theory that a lot of wives are frigid because they have turned themselves into de facto whores: “You do this for me, I’ll give you sex.”

    And that this mindset goes a long way to dampen desire. Which explains that dynamic that Empath so colorfully expressed. The ability to “at the drop of a hat they will risk everything for a rut in the back of a car at a city park.

  17. I generally agree with that Elspeth. I forgot to add one thing: because of the points of view I mentioned I’ve noticed some women seem to feel the need to act like they don’t like sex for the sake of sex, regardless of which point of view that comes from. In CF, the women often expressed the fear that men would want ‘sex on tap’, meaning that they would expect to get sex whenever they asked for it. A bajillion explanations of how this was really a desire for mutually enjoyable sex would fall on deaf ears.

    I can see why guys like Eric get mad and throw their hands up. It’s part of a process. There’s little in our society that teaches a man first to prefer a good woman over any woman, that teaches a man that women are not generally good people, or that teaches a man how to look out for good character traits in a woman, like loyalty, dependability, etc. What men in our society need to learn is how to be men THEY can be proud of, and if women they find suitable and acceptable admire that and support them, great. This is a genuinely christlike attitude and it is a shame that the Church is not teaching it. Past the anger is realization of this.

    And this, btw, is why I said what I did about divorce a couple of months ago. Not because I believe in frivorce, but because I believe that having the attitude of ‘saving the marriage’ has to be done away with in Christian men. I think we need to recognize that some things are not worth saving, or as Christ said, ‘if thy hand offend thee—cut it off.” And some things cannot be saved. If people think I’m stupid or a crazy heretic, I frankly don’t care. As I had said before, a sexless marriage for a man more often than not these days means impending divorce. The notion that if you become Alpha enough this won’t happen sounds like something real, except we see it happen to guys who clearly have great traits of leadership, success etc all the time. Saying “ah, they weren’t really Alpha” is angels dancing on a head of a pin crap to me. It doesn’t give women due credit for their own sins and intentions.

    So you see that to me explains the anger men like Eric have—because they are confronting the lies and of course it makes them angry. Of course they get frustrated when it is increasingly revealed that women are not spiritually and emotionally good and just need good men as a catalyst. That’s such a nonsense idea when you think about it, but it’s taught and encouraged so much that to be fair of course people tend to talk as though it’s true. It cannot be emphasized enough that human beings often will do things that have little to do with their interests, for emotional reasons, and that women are no exception to this. If this were not true, people wouldn’t buy fast food, be in debt on three credit cards, have road rage, lie when it is highly likely that they can’t back up their lies, and so on.

    When you think about some of the sins against God in the books of Genesis and Exodus, seen objectively they are remarkably stupid. When God proves He exists, on several occasions people right after do things to defy or offend Him. But if you think about human inclinations that IS how people behave.

  18. The notion that if you become Alpha enough this won’t happen sounds like something real, except we see it happen to guys who clearly have great traits of leadership, success etc all the time. Saying “ah, they weren’t really Alpha” is angels dancing on a head of a pin crap to me. It doesn’t give women due credit for their own sins and intentions.

    While I’m sure you understand why the majority of that divorce paragraph is one I cannot co-sign, the part I quoted above is spot on. There is no evidence to support the notion that an “alpha” enough husband can keep a wife from leaving or straying. Utter foolishness that is, but it’s one of those cases where in the face of helplessness, [some] men have, they suppose, discovered the holy grail of keeping their wives at home ad horny, and they latched on to it.

    Women, like men, have to decide to do the right thing. And then we have to be willing to go the distance, be uncomfortable, feel however we have to feel, and do with whatever we have to do without, to be the women and wives God calls us to be.

    But most won’t because work. And it’s really too bad because what’s on the other side of dying to yourself for the good of the marriage is actually very beautiful. No “Game” required.

  19. @sojournerscribe re:”If they hand offend thee – cut it off”. Fantastic application to marriage! In light of Eph 5:28 “So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies.” Cut off the offensive part.

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