Moore than a woman…

1978. My next door neighbor John, like a brother to me growing up, he had his license and a brand new brown-metal-flake-colored Ford Pinto. (I was to procure one-uh these a year later…a 1973 Pinto Runabout with a Landau vinyl roof and a crank open sunroof. I bought it for $500 in 1979. It had a rust hole clean through the drivers door and the body was surface rusted all over.

I learned a lot because of that car. I bought automotive paint from the local NAPA store and asked a guy I knew who owned a body shop in my hometown (I knew everyone, its a  small town) if I could use his paint bay. He said yes and I stammered and stuttered that I’d have the car over there the next week.

I repaired the hole, sanded off the surface rust, removed the trim etc. that I could and masked off the rest and I painted that dang car myself. Then I installed shag carpet I’d picked up as remnants. It was heavy shag with three colors, brown, black, and white. The car was baby-shit green when I finished. Green is my favorite color, but not that shade.

John and I drove all the way to Baltimore from Ohio to stay with his older sister who was married and lived there. Saturday Night Fever was in the theaters and John and I attended a showing.

It was profound to us, and we never stopped repeating the line (with progressively increasing volume) , “its happenin!” ITS HAPPENIN’!” ITS HAAAPPEEENIN'” then laughing uproariously.

Been some time since I wrote about Beth Moore. I’ll just go ahead and blame my irrelevant introduction and poor segue on that if you’ll let me.

I signed up on Twitter today, empathologism, and Russell Moore as well as Beth Moore were two of the recommended folks I follow. So….I did. I then followed Beth back to her blog and found this.

If “women” can be worked into a Christian-ish story and exalted separately, they will be. A friend at work and I were discussing sphere type issues today (a 35 year old man, Christian raised, attended a Christian university, Christian wife, and a very grounded and balanced young man) and he came to a conclusion I was glad to hear him reach. Because he is a conscientious listener and considers things without flinging programed responses, he is the rare man who sees red pill truths without experiencing trauma. He realized and stated that Christian marriages are likely less happy than secular ones, and that marrying a Christian woman is statistically a bad move in terms of family permanence.  Secular folks are also not immune to the gushing over all things woman.

Pharrell Williams can’t even write a catchy song that is one of those tunes which, for a short time, unites Americans in innocent and fun moments of care free acting out. That kind of thing has redeeming value. Then, on the Ellen Degeneres show, he apparently said he wrote the song —for women—. I heard Ellen touting that…get this…Pharrell likes women. He does. He really likes ’em. He was considering the song as it related to all the women that would be lifted up as the President dredged up another round of goofy non-issues regarding unfair pay.

My feet can no longer move in time with that music. I am Steve Martin’s character in The Jerk, unable to even snap my fingers to a basic 2/4 time piece of music. Because Happy, the song…..its about women….because Pharrell….he likes women. Man is out there risking it all when he dares share such controversial beliefs, you’d think by the way Ellen shared Pharrell’s edgy feelings for women. Courage. .

Thanks to Beth, though, for sticking these lyrics in my head for the next several days. Those high pitched voiced BeeGees, with lots of facial and chest and back hair visible through the silk jumpsuits, could break the good crystal couldn’t they? I thought my Pinto windshield was victim to an untended 18 wheeler hauling rocks. But it was my self installed 150 watt equalizer with cassette deck in dash hitting harmonic dissonance , creating a standing wave pattern, and decomposing the glass at the molecular level with the Brothers Gibb as a catalyst, singing:

Oh, girl I’ve known you very well
I’ve seen you growing everyday
I never really looked before
but now you take my breath away.

Suddenly you’re in my life
part of everything I do
you got me working day and night
just trying to keep a hold on you.

Here in your arms I found my paradise
my only chance for happiness
and if I lose you now I think I would die.

Oh say you’ll always be my baby
we can make it shine, we can take forever
just a minute at a time.

More than a woman, more than a woman to me

Done stalling empath?. What’s about Beth Moore? What’d she say?

Something about women….be my guess.

The place God carved out for women in the Bible’s account of Christ’s death and resurrection is astonishing


Child: “Mommy, look at that over there”

Mommy: “What sweety”

Child: “Some guy just came out of nowhere and shoved that old man and woman out of the way of that bus…the man was hit and I think he’s hurt mommy”

Child: “Mommy! (child is waving hands in front of mommy’s face) he isn’t moving”

Mommy: “Shhhh, did you see that? The sign on the side of that bus says the new CEO of ACME is a woman! Did you see that bus advertisement honey?”

Beth sets up the scene:

On the third day through the pool of a woman’s tears, the face of the risen Son of God was beheld, the sun piercing the black hole of an empty tomb.

The Lord is risen……and, and, …….and women had a role!

Not only a role, but a torturous one. The virtue of a woman is that she is compelled to serve, to do, to act, to fix, to be busy.

the women saw how His body was laid. Then they returned and prepared spices and ointments.

Then they had to sit and wait and bide their agonizing time until the Sabbath was over so that they could tend to the deceased body of their beloved.

No work. Just wait.

Sometimes waiting is the work.

Nothing makes us sweat like waiting.

Sometimes rest is imposed on us when what we want to do more than anything on earth is work.

I’ve got to do something.

To women, there is always something to do in a catastrophe.

Fix it.

If you can’t fix it, fret over it. Flail. Demand. Make yourself heard.

But do something.

To us the answer is never do nothing.

Even amidst the event without which we are nothing, except we are a ridiculous people,even then it has to be ESPECIALLY difficult for women. It tested them.

I’m not sure womanhood had ever been put to trial more thoroughly in the Gospels than in the still shot of Luke 23:56.

For 19 years of believing, of reading scriptures and sitting under its teaching, of discussing it and praying it and pondering it… all those years I missed this critical feature. Jesus violent sacrificial death and the Father’s act of holy will raising Him from death, all that just comes so much more sharply into focus when we stop and think of the test those women had to endure and during which they were forced to………………………………………do nothing.




18 thoughts on “Moore than a woman…

  1. Behold the woman!

    If the focus on women’s feelings weren’t so ubiquitous, their inclusion in a story would be tolerable as a (mercifull, please) short appendix.

  2. Beth who?

    I literally had to google her.

    She has the look of a female tv evangelist (ie: the modern business woman). Her bio reads like a self made woman – strong and independent. She totally reminds me of the egalitarian women at Willow Creek. She also reminds me of another strong independent self made tv evangelist that divorced her husband a few years ago. I would have been surprised if she wasn’t exalting women.

  3. Refraining from dating Chritian women was one of my better decisions. Secular women are much less hostile to men, much more understanding about things like alimony, men not wanting to fund the whole dating experience, a man’s relcuantnces regarding commitment/ marriage etc.

    Let’s face it, the modern church fosters the worst in women and goes out its way to tear down men. Women get that message in everything they read, watch and listen to. Then the church comes a long and gives the anti masculine message a stamp of approval from God ( in practical terms)

    What I have come to realize is, when ever a man believes in something bigger then himself ( God, family, rescuing sea turtles etc), he will be unequally yoked when marrying

  4. We were in Lifeway today and almost every endcap was stocked with her stuff. She’s practically a brand.

  5. We were in Lifeway today and almost every endcap was stocked with her stuff. She’s practically a brand.

    The biggest and brightest “red flag” possible (or, alternatively, if that happens to be what you’re in the market for, the highest-ranking churchian seal of approval there is).

    No doubt Beth’s books are the Substitute of the Month for The Word in weekly “Bible studies” in no small number of churchian franchises nationwide.

  6. Lifeway is a large Christian bookstore chain with stores throughout the Southeast, and perhaps in other parts of the country as well.

  7. I was back in Lifeway today. I don’t frequent there but I needed to pick up the Bibles we ordered with our kids’ names inscribed on them.

    Anyway, before I left I walked around again to make sure that your post hadn’t caused me to imagine the number of Beth Moore displays around the store. The first comment I left was on point. For the size of the store, there were an awful lot of little spots prominently featuring Beth Moore’s books, Bible studies, min-books, etc.

    For the record I have read one or two of her books, and they weren’t half bad as I recall them.

    Also, about Pharell Williams. You just had to go and ruin the song for me, didn’t you? There is nothing in it about women, but I don’t hear it the same. My kids like it though and in their minds, it is from the Despicable Me soundtrack.

    You know I think it’s totally cool that you did all that work on your first car, right?

    The Saturday Night Fever story was funny, but as you’re a decade older than I am, I haven’t much context for what it was like when the movie first hit theaters.

    Anyway, good post. I wasn’t able to fully take it in and appreciate it with the first reading.

  8. Empath – in case you missed it – I think the point of Beth’s article might have something to say to you. I do not think it is a call to passivity. But rather a call to learn to be still and rest in God’s timing. Or, as the hymns say “Trust and Obey … because … all other ground is sinking sand.

    You cannot fix it.
    All your panting will not resuscitate it.
    Resurrection is divine. We can’t help God with it. He alone can do it.”
    (From Beth at the link you provided.)

    Even the angels in the Tomb, in speaking to the assembled women, did not use their own words but rather pointed the women to the words that Jesus had spoken. “Remember how he told you, while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and on the third day rise”.

    We are not called to save anybody (literally and/or figuratively). We are only called to teach God’s word. It is up to God to bring that word to life in the mind of the hearer, at God’s own time. All our panting and ranting and arguing with others will not bring it to life. Only God can do that. With out spouses. With our ex’s. With our friends. With our enemies.

    All we are called to do, all we can do, is to plant the seed (the Word of God). And learn to be still, and wait, as God acts on that seed in his own timing.

    I prefer the original, but it doesn’t seem to be readily available.

  9. SSM if it’s from focus on the female I wouldn’t count on anything grounded in scripture.

  10. SSM….didn’t see it. Been seeing the hype for months. Looks like good production quality and some snippets I’ve seen where the guy interviews a couple of feminist professors who actually say reasonable stuff, decrying the cultural murmur of today.

    Not a hard fast rule, but I don’t do the Christian movie at theatre thingy. I will of course se it and I’m toying with ordering a cc of the study material just to get a peek deeper.

    Elspeth, yea it was cool doing that, but it was necessity and invention and mother in there somewhere. I also changed all the brakes, drum and disc, as well as calipers, I replaced the universal joint, I safety modified the pipe that goes to the gas tank, when you put has in, because the Pinto was exploding left and right. Just needed reinforcement. I did valve cover gaskets, of course plugs and points (hello……points?) water and fuel pumps and filters, all these parts were from the junkyard.

    The biggest thing for me was changing the clutch and the throw out bearing. No book, no help, just the new parts and some decent general car fix know how. Not so hard per se, but it was one of those take things off, remember the order they came off to be able to put them back on.

    Remember, I don’t like to wallow in it, but we were pretty dang poor. I had no choice in fixing the cars. Still today, though not cars ( since we rid of the 1996 suburban, I could do things on that) I repair things even to the point it looks bad but works.

    Gratifying, my oldest boy was 18 I guess, I found him splicing and electrical taping some ear bud headphones. They were not Beats or Bose, maybe 20 bucks. He said he fixes stuff because of my example.

    True no lyric about women in Happy. Watch the Ellen Degeneres interview, bet it’s on YouTube. One thing was inspiring, I think it also happened on the Ellen interview but could have been on a different show. The host showed clips of folks dancing all over the world to his song, and he cried unashamedly. It raised his stature in my eyes.
    On women, I didn’t watch the whole thing but I glean he told Ellen he was trying to help women cheer up….that they have been put down and mistreated too long, paid unfairly, etc. he was saying, despite all those things, just be happy for a minute.

  11. RichardP

    Thanks for commenting but actually I believe you misunderstood my point, and you misunderstood Beth’s as well. She was neither calling people to passivity nor was she primarily calling them to rest … Gods timing or otherwise.

    To get my point you need to get hers. The stuff about the women waiting before they then DID something is there, and yes she calls attention to the goodness of waiting for Gods timing. But that’s not her main point.

    Her main point was not a call to anything, rather it was to shower backhanded praise on women because as she says women, the poor dears, are simply not capable of NOT springing into action. Rest and timing are secondary….props to illustrate her point, that point being gee whiz women are so devoted and so nurturing and loving and caring they can’t easily wait for Gods timing. She states, and it is not clear that she is making a point with an exaggerative hyperbole, she states that the trial of having to do nothing was the most difficult trial set before women in the gospels entirely.

    Like most proclivities and actions women get criticized for, there will be a narrative like Beth’s that will say, sure women do that. But that’s because WE ARE TOO GOOD.

    I would invite Beth to explain, then, why is it nearly a ubiquitous complaint especially among baby boomers that many, I’ll say most, women just don’t keep house well, are unorganized and take 4x time to do things, etc. they do however have the rest part down.

    See now what I was responding too? Your point would stand if she was dispassionately preaching gods timing and rest in and of itself. Instead, she uses it to illustrate women’s do-too-much problem.

    I imagine she is one that over commits her time like my wife does. There is some emotional lift gotten when a woman volunteers, commits to something, becomes room mom at school, etc. then when that women misses some function nearly every week she has a sort of auto pilot excuse. Beth Moore has it perfect. She can sign up for everything. When she isn’t there it’s clear she is just too busy doing kingdom work

  12. I did valve cover gaskets, of course plugs and points (hello……points?) water and fuel pumps and filters, all these parts were from the junkyard.

    LOL. A man after SAM’s own heart.

  13. The cross, the picture of suffering (dramatic Beth Moore like pause) a woman kneeling on uneven ground, no doubt on a grain of rice as the child she bore dies an agonizing death and is ripped from the presence of the Father that He has spent eternity in the loving presence of, bearing HER sin. I suppose that is another sign that some Christian women can ONLY feel empathy for someone if they have ovaries.

    If Beth is out there, the call to us is not to empathize with the Marys it is to take up OUR cross and follow Him. Hang beside him. Possession of a uterus is not an exemption. That’s equality for you. Thank Jesus and the Cross.

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