Goodness, it’s hole-some

Thanks to Patriactionary because I’m merely piggybacking on his post.

(Oh gosh, now I CANT SAY ANYTHING!!!! lest the imp of entendre rise up)

Nabisco. I’d like to make a red pill comment but so many self described red pill men are humanists (ahem, cough, AVFM, cough) that I cannot sort that way. But Nabisco is doing some sorting. Customer sorting.

The money quote is :

“No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will,” the voiceover states. “Honey Maid: Everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.”

I’m not a big boycott guy, mainly because I am a bit of an obsessive purist which to me would preclude my buying anything from anyone. (One of the reasons I don’t follow the GFOFHAVV herds) It would drive me bat crap nutty.



58 thoughts on “Goodness, it’s hole-some

  1. 🙂

    I thought that’s what you were talking about when you said “Oh gosh, now I CANT SAY ANYTHING!!!!”, but evidently I was mistaken.

  2. Nope, I was waaaayyyyyyy in the gutter with the term piggyback. Now youve made me go and ‘splain-it.

    I fixed the sentence. I see why you read it that way.

  3. Oh. Well, no need to explain further; I hadn’t heard that particular term used in such a manner, but I can probably well imagine more than I need to. 🙂

  4. Well, I’m already bat-crap nutty. Join the club.

    So I don’t buy Nabisco, what I want to buy Kellogs or some other brand doing something just as bad? I eat Ben and Jerry’s for crying out loud (Caramel Sutra of all things). The whole country is a green, slimy pustule ready to burst and I’m supposed to pick which part of the boo-boo I’m going to happily kiss? Ha.

  5. @ God is Laughing: Just renounce eating cheesecake or S’Mores ever again, then you won’t need graham cracker crumbs. 😉

  6. (I meant graham crackers, period, as they’re whole in S’mores, as everyone knows, while crushed in cheesecake bottoms, as everyone knows. 🙂 )

  7. S’mores mean boy scout camp outs and even THAT is ruined imagery. See what I mean?
    Are there Graham’s in Girl Scout cookies? See, that will forever be safe ground because while anything goes with Boy Scouts if the powers had their way, a man even inquiring after Girl Scout cookies would get put on a watch list. Imagine a law that compels all men buy GS cookies but only using a proxy buyer. THAT is wholesome.

  8. GIL… the movie Taken, Liam says something like, “I have a particular set of skills that will allow me to find you and kill you”…….similar anyway……well…….in this case sadly I have a skill that is at times useful and other times a liability. In the circles I run I’m known for it probably more than anything else about me. I’m not idly boasting when I say I am always the funniest guy in a room. This may not be a good example because the fruit is not low hanging, it’s in the dang basket…..but that picture has me ready for a good 45 minutes of solid improv nearly none of which is appropriate.

  9. The comment in moderation shows that Kellogg advocated circumcision as a means to prevent masturbation, as well as other, more extreme measures.


    Churchianism started very early. Because America, land of the free, allowed any damned quack to start his own movement…

  10. And worse, the culture that arose basically was rabidly socially egalitarian, “Hey, let’s have every crackpot have a hearing!”, instead of rejecting them and putting them in stocks and throwing rotten fruit at them, as we should have done.

  11. I never knew what it meant ,but back in the late 70’s we would read these ads in some magazine, cannot remember which but clearly not a good one, keep in mind we also used to read de Sade out loud in faux accents for humor so we were lame, but the sex ads would always include lines like “full Greek, partial French”….. That was my entendre here, Greek, the south thing came as a bonus by accident. You can have credit for that.

  12. I don’t think they had smiley faces then. If they did the ads would have been void of them. Maybe Craig’s list has replaced those old ads with new terms. I was raised in a time when the joke, “how do you separate the men from the boys” was answered ” with a crow bar”

    See what I mean? I need to go to sleep and wake without this on my mind.

  13. Will & Empath:
    I’ve noticed what appears to be a disturbing trend, which has really become apparent since the beginning of this year. For example: NY Governor Andrew Cuomo said back in January that ‘conservatives weren’t welcome in New York.’ Our fag mayor here in Seattle has been doing similar things.

    Elusive Wapiti has noted several instances of companies being forced out of states, especially gun dealers, manufacturers, &c.

    Then there’s all these companies who are taking blatantly political stances: it seems to me that the Radical Left is almost acting like they don’t care about the consequences of their actions anymore; almost like this is an intentional policy akin to ‘ethnic cleansing.’

    IOW, I suspect there’s more to these stories than meets the eye…

  14. What it is, is that the Left thinks, sadly probably correctly, that they can get their way in these things finally; that they’ve arrived at that moment, when they have such clout, it can be done.

    So they’re doing it.

  15. Will:
    And the sadder part is that the only people resisting them right now are the Russians and Chinese. The Radical Left may in the end have to be stopped in the same way that the Nazis were.

  16. But where are our miltary divisions? (As Stalin asked sarcastically, “And how many divisions does the Pope have?”) I don’t see the Russians or Chinese helping the West, either; I see them going their own way. I don’t blame them, either.

  17. I think the Russians and Chinese are going to be too busy making hay while the sun is shining. With our super-power status firmly in the history books we’re going to find out what Papa Bush was talking about with his “New World Order” crap. It is one without a hegemonic Unites States to wag our fingers at Korean border disputes, Pakistani/Indian saber rattling, Chinese designs in Taiwan and Indo-China, Russia in the Baltic States and former (soon to be ex-former) Eastern Bloc and Iran as well as a half dozen neighbors who want to see the nation of Israel cease to exist. All the while we are arguing over who gets to be the biggest weirdo in our military.

    The only good news I see is that the land that the neo-con fruitcake is standing on is so rapidly shrinking (like the middle class) that they will cease to exist momentarily. As I have argued for years the US military causes great restraint in the world (although I’m with Jefferson on the danger of standing armies and banks) we are going to soon find out what a world without restraint looks like.

    Oh yeah, when you go down to Sodom and Gomorrah, don’t plan on camping out in the town square.

  18. I, for one, am looking forward to a return to ‘great power’ politics, just like we used to have, before this superpower nonsense. 🙂

  19. Four Wholesomes in one short paragraph. The crackers aren’t wholesome, they’re full of preservatives. Like satan’s full of sweet empty lies.

    The ad is disgusting, grovelling to the female urge that buying their cardboard crap is obviously correct, nutritive for their families, and borderline holy unto themselves…. root of ‘wholesome’. Instead of, you know, the woman actually MAKING the biscuit like my grannies did, rather than Playing Male. So it rightfully inspired revulsion in you. Consider it a wholesome sign.

  20. @ Will S., I suspect when our empire fails that the transition will not be pleasant. I’m imagining Yugoslavia after USSR on a global scale. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  21. GIL & Will:
    I don’t think we’d come apart like either Yugoslavia or the USSR. It would look about the civil wars in Mexico during the 19th and early 20th centuries; or modern Somalia. No central government and competing warlords; none of which are powerful enough to conquer the other and unable to unite.

    Likely an international coalition would come here if we collapsed to take away or destroy our WMD capabilities in light of the chaos. They might occupy the coastal areas, but I doubt if they’ll try to occupy the whole country.

  22. Oh, I didn’t mean I was looking forward to America coming apart; not sure if that will happen, though I imagine it is possible.

    No, I just meant an end to the empire, as an empire.

    Britain is still a country, but the British Empire is long dead.

    America is an empire in all but name, or has been, as a superpower.

    Now America is losing its influence and power on the global scale – and that’s not a bad thing; it’ll mean returning to the vision of the Founding Fathers – ‘avoiding foreign entanglements’ and all that.

  23. Will:
    The problem is America is infested with Leftist Whackos who hate everything it stands for. If there were a power vacuum here there would be running battles between every conceivable ideology for control.

    The bad part for you Canadians, though, is that all our millions of welfare bums would come streaming across the border to get the handouts they couldn’t get here any more! lol

  24. I hate American Empire almost as much as the leftists, unfortunately if we expect that the Chinese or Russian are going to provide restraint as they fill the vacuum that we have created I think we are partaking in wishful thinking. The world is chock full of beefs waiting for a more opportune time to settle. The paradigm of a world restrained by the carrots and sticks of the US is about to end, I think what will replace it is genocide and ethnic strife virtually everywhere. Nearly a century of Pax Americana has generated a lot of pressure to be relieved.

  25. @ Will, what makes you think you can stop them?

    Yukon and northern BC are looking like good prospective digs from my side of the border, lots of land to get lost into.

  26. I see Will S scooped me. Sry for not reading fast enough.

    FWIW our local congregation used to support a whole boyscout troop, but like so many other churches we formed our own thing (connecting with Apostolic Rangers in other churches for fellowship). I tried last year to find out stats on how many scout troops lost how many church affiliations, but the Scout info office was not forthcoming. It’s still secret, I think, how badly their open policy has backfired (almost entendre).

  27. I find it hilarious that graham crackers and Kellogg’s cereals owe their existence to quacks trying to stop masturbation.

    And don’t forget – Welch’s grape juice was meant to be an alternate way to preserve grape juice without fermentation, by pasteurizing it instead, to be used in Methodist communions.

    Now, just about everyone uses Welch’s in their communions if not serving actual wine… (We serve both, in the Reformed tradition.)

  28. We’ve covered Kellogs and Nabisco, Welch’s, now……who is gonna take on Hershey and their unique approach to curing masturbation?

    Come on, you know you want to….

  29. Hershey? Really?

    I know women take solace in chocolate, because it makes them feel loved (there’s a biochemical basis for that; it’s a substance called phenylalanine, found in chocolate), but I don’t know about the other! 🙂

  30. I know women take solace in chocolate, because it makes them feel loved (there’s a biochemical basis for that; it’s a substance called phenylalanine, found in chocolate)

    Really? I had no idea that chocolate supposedly makes women feel loved. That’s quite fascinating.I’m always learning little tidbits here. Thanks, Will.

    I actually went the whole month of March without eating chocolate. My daughter dared me. I really like my dark chocolate bars with hazelnuts, but I did it. Now I’m trying to think if I felt emotionally deprived last month, or if I just made up for it with beef, LOL.

  31. The recent discovery about chocolate is that it promotes good gut bacteria.
    Done right, ingestion of dark chocolate causes a massive surge in blood phenethylamine, only part of which is directly due to bacterial digestion of phenylalanine. The other big mood enhancer from chocolate is of course theobromine.

    Beef has a whole lot more phenylalanine than chocolate does, btw.

  32. I put two links in my reply to Elspeth so it’s in moderation still, but yeah, there are several things in chocolate which may contribute to reasons why women tend to crave it, in terms of its effects.

    Women should eat more beef, then. That’s maybe what’s wrong with vegetarians, lol; not enough beef! 🙂

  33. @empathy, c’mon give. It’s not as simple as “have some chocolate instead”, is it?

  34. jf12 you really do not want me to elaborate. I will not do so, and don’t want to really think on it more. I tend to go too far with humor anyway, and that one is too much for me.

    There is a clue in the old joke that asks, why did the two gay men check out of the hotel early?

    If you know the answer, you’ll know which gutter my mind was in.

    If not, betcha google can help.

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