God is not be dead, and neither are harpies

Last night we went to see the movie “God’s Not Dead”.

Yes it is B+ quality. It is predictable. It is cliche. The debate scenes were not sophomoric, nor were they spectacularly nuanced or overtly clever. There were some gotcha lines that even though you could see them coming were effective and drew some applause in the theatre. In some cases it is over acted. It is pop culture churchianity friendly. But doggonit it was not half bad. In fact, it was pretty darn good in my opinion.

One could spend time showcasing spiritual knowledge superioritry, poking holes in the plot line or the acting, or if you are like me, lamenting two things in particular….the goofy appearance of one of the Duck Dynasty guys,  and the call at the end of the movie for everyone to, like one of those email chain letters, text “God’s not dead” to everyone in their address book. And I wanted to. I wanted to lump it with Kendrick Bros movies and blast it. But I can’t. Just because something is simple doesnt make it another Fireproof.

In fact the movie has some raw gender truth in it. The protagonist, a young male college freshman, must choose between an easy A, for declaring God is dead in his philosophy class, or, ultimately because of the ire of the professor, risk not getting into law school. His girlfriend, a relationship formed by “the collision of their youth groups” declares that every decision he makes is about THEM, and his playing with fire about law school acceptance (which she will attend along with him) is not to be risked with the folly of him debating a philosophy professor. She demands he sign the God is dead paper and move on.

He doesn’t sign it. She moves on. I liked the way they portrayed it. Well, I liked THAT they portrayed it period.

There were some episodic outbreaks of excellent acting. When one of the secondary but main-ish characters is alone digesting her cancer diagnosis her acting, in anguish, was exceptional. Not an easy scene to pull off. However, the other acting  bookend was Dean Dain, who is ubiquitous on the Christian cable stations low budget productions. I cannot believe he once played Superman in a relatively popular series take on that character.

I found no ingredients in the movie that would be contra-indicated with red pill medicating. For what it’s worth, aside from the pop Christian culture stuff, which wasn’t overwhelming, it was a good movie for Christians. I doubt it changes the world. But it was a pretty solid feel good movie, safe, clean and inoffensive.




11 thoughts on “God is not be dead, and neither are harpies

  1. Sounds interesting. I have no problem believing that a university professor would be fine with insulting religious faith, they certainly don’t side with Nietzsche, either. My perception is that God as a definitive idea is rejected at modern universities, in favor of God as “whatever you need him to be” and certainly nothing worth getting confrontational with other people over. A private God is okay by the secularists, as they can run with the idea of whatever mental figurehead floats your boat, just keep it to yourself.

    It’s no secret that they’ve taken some elements of Judeo-Christian morality for their own in the process of undermining religion. Might want to read Wright’s “The Evolution of God” to understand that perspective.

    I might need to see this to understand the take that the movie took on how God was understood, as a religious idea or a subjective and personal one. I’d hate to see something so high-profile standing up against a point of view that the secularists wouldn’t recognize, or could easily say misrepresents them.

  2. Yes the title was awful, still is mediocre but it is more succinct. I found the Gran Torino movie inspirational as well. We’ve discussed and agree about that kind of visceral inspiration and how it is missing in Christian fiction and movies.

    Though nothing as visceral, I like the set up of this film, the kids class hates him because , his parents oppose him, his GF dumps him, and he stands on principle. It makes his ultimate success very moving.

  3. I looked at a Trailer. I think you are right! We would like it We only have netflix streaming, its only available on DVD from them, we have no HBO or HBO type channels. Crap!

    I like reading McCarthy a lot. Books sans punctuation, but yet clear when someone is speaking and who are not easy to write. I had not heard of this or the fact he’d even written a play.

    Other trivia, Tommy Lee Jones lives in the same small not famous not special Texas town as my in-laws.

    [ah ha, full movie is on youtbe. gonna plug up the HDMI and watch that sucker this evening]

  4. Speaking of movies, did anyone have a chance to watch or form an opinion on “Hope Springs”? I watched it with my wife and had an pretty constructive discussion afterwards.

  5. Wife watched it When I was traveling awhile back. She liked it. No other comment. Im sure I heard quite a lengthy dissertation on it, and remember none of it

  6. I think “Hope Springs” might have been the movie (along with a conversation at Sunshine Mary’s) that inspired an old post I wrote at TC. I liked it. It was okay overall.

  7. ” She demands he sign the God is dead paper and move on.

    He doesn’t sign it. She moves on. I liked the way they portrayed it. Well, I liked THAT they portrayed it period.”

    I haven’t seen it yet but I have to give it to the character for standing up for what he believes in versus compromises it.

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