GFOFHAVV church , hiding humanism in the food pyramid

A few things provoked me again.

A Christian writer or philosopher, I forget….not Lewis, was quoted saying (paraphrase) that the rise of humanism was indicative of lowering the perceived control God has in our lives and elevating the control we perceive that we have over our lives. My first thought was, is it not odd that many of the same Christians flocking to GFOFHAVV are adamant about not worrying about money or provision.

That’s not blog worthy by itself.

Last evening I read this story. A woman has chosen not to vaccinate her child. I’m OK with whatever she decides. Unfortunately she wields influence because of our celebrity infatuation. And given the basis for her decision,

Listen, to each their own,” she said. “I understand both sides of it. I’ve ready too many books about autism and there’s some scary statistics out there.


We didn’t vaccinate. I read too many books about autism and there’s studies…Now, one in 88 boys is autistic and that’s a scary statistic,”

I have to call a foul.

No sweety, there IS not studies and you need to read more books. You haven’t even read the CDC statistic correctly if at all, though I cannot fault you for the sloppy sensationalistic reporting on such things. They do not state that one” in 88 boys is autistic”. They say

About 1 in 88 children has been identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.

More, the actual study says:

ADDM does not rely on professional or family reporting of an existing ASD diagnosis or classification to ascertain case status. Instead, information is obtained from children’s evaluation records to determine the presence of ASD symptoms at any time from birth through the end of the year when the child reaches age 8 years

I hope you all see the difference. I hope this serves to cast some suspicion on the whole arena of reporting for this type of information. If a kid demonstrated a symptom of ASD (autism spectrum disorder) one time in an eight year period, they are counted. More, the materials reviewed are “evaluation records” . They explain the sources for the evaluations they use, including:

many ADDM sites also review and abstract records of children receiving special education services in public schools.

And I know that the evaluator at  a school that receives money for special programs for ASD kids would never tend to be more, lets say, inclusive in their evaluations. Right?

Then they toss in a nod to the “art”of taking very loose hinted correlations and turning them into statistics that are further sensationalized by the media and pounced upon by advocacy groups who try and use them to steer public policy.

These data confirm that the estimated prevalence of ASDs identified in the ADDM network surveillance populations continues to increase. The extent to which these increases reflect better case ascertainment as a result of increases in awareness and access to services or true increases in prevalence of ASD symptoms is not known

[emphasis mine]

The estimate continues to increase. Why would this be a surprise? I’d invite any reader who trends toward GFOFHAVV membership to find me one example, one single metric about one single thing of this nature, where the trend was shown to have reversed.

Where is the skepticism? I’ll tell you where. Inside the CDC and the educational establishment, being skeptical of these studies would be the same as my walking in and volunteering half my paycheck be given back to my employer. For folks like us on the outside it is hidden away by even those open minded enough to question because it is socially unacceptable to question anything about children’s health. Validating these numbers means moms have more control. Boiled down, questioning them means moms have to still fall back on faith.

Regarding the scholar who tangentially cited the study, maybe she visited Ron Burgandy’s library with many leather bound books. Her credibility, for me, was shot with “there’s too many books”. Meanwhile the overwhelming evidence says that vaccines and ASD are unrelated.

The next one was about autism being linked to environmental factors. The title of the article is “Autism disorders greatly linked with environmental factors, study claims“. In the article the study’s author says:

Rzhetsky acknowledged that his results do not directly implicate environmental factors as a cause for autism.

To parishioners of GFOFHAVV  this is like arguing with one of Binny Hinn’s flock that he didn’t really knock 30,000 people off their chairs with wind noises he made using the microphone.

Finally, the last one has me wondering if the name of the church needs to be augmented again, and if the current membership is willing to accept the new tithing requirement. You can read that one.

Why am I so bothered by these things? Because some of the smartest people I know, men and women who can see truth keenly through the haze of conventional wisdom, are unable to drum up a crumb of skepticism when claims just like the ones Ive mentioned are made about ASD or any other tenet of the GFOFHAVV church.

I am not immune to the same type of self obfuscation.

This makes me ask myself and others, where are you (am I) hiding your (my) preferred flavor of humanism?


21 thoughts on “GFOFHAVV church , hiding humanism in the food pyramid

  1. Looks like it could be some Scandinavian sect or so doesn’t it?

    Disappointing topic

    I do not get a lot of likes on this one. Its boring, or I’m a mad man.

    Other potentially more engaging topics that folks will sink teeth into….

    Peak oil? Alar? Self love and blindness? Bilderburgs vs Illuminatis? Tesla’s lost notebooks found in cave near Ljubljana Slovenia? Elvis? The REAL origin of government cheese?
    I’d say man bites dog but Dalrock skirted right up next to that one already….

  2. What? I do like it! 🙂 .

    On a serious note, I happen to have a nephew who is obviously autistic, not just on the vague “autism spectrum”. So this one resonated.

  3. “Peak oil? Alar? Self love and blindness? Bilderburgs vs Illuminatis? Tesla’s lost notebooks found in cave near Ljubljana Slovenia? Elvis? The REAL origin of government cheese?”

    Are you picking on me again Empath? I’ll start sending up posts about zombie apocalypses, alien abductions, bigfoot and how it all relates to the book of Enoch and the Kabbalah. Don’t think I won’t do it…..

  4. Hey, I’m authority on zombie apocali. (I even created that word for the plural). Bring all the apocali and post apocali you want. We can start a sub forum. It will end up in a graphic novel and we will be famous.

  5. By the way, I did grasp most of the meaning here. I both agree and disagree with you on the subject.

    However, we are not gluten free, :p .

  6. I have no idea why that happens. Actually, its an algorithm my bugger masters designed when they sent me here to keep an eye on you. Yours and your sisters blogs were one thing, but now you have coincidentally started blogging with one of us, and the hive is abuzz…..are YOU The Speaker for The Dead?


    Im thinking the next iteration of your screen name will be Elron

  7. Elspeth. There shouldnt be mush to agree or disagree with. Because if you make choices about your food etc., and do not crusade, I think its great.

    Crusading and Inconsistency
    Like climate change, the things of “the church” are not settled science. But the crusaders would ban my incandescent bulb.

    The crusaders would cause the closure of a Philips bulb factory in India, where 600MM people with no electricity light their lean-to in the slums burning dirty kerosene which gives off black smoke full of VOC’s.

    The crusaders would ban phthalates which, ironically, when used in blood storage bags extend the usable life of stored blood by weeks compared to the next best substitute, and we are constantly short blood and if they succeed , when my child needs it and its not there I pity the next anti-phthalate nincompoop I hear nattering afterwards.

    The crusaders, even calm quiet ones, a pair of 30 year olds will judge my family based on our diet or get teeth gritting angry about it, some would if they had the power FORCE parents to adhere to their (trendy) choices. The new school lunches are just that, the result of the crusaders and an odd overlap with people who just grab and follow trends whatever they are.

    The crusaders against genetically modified seed somehow also frequently populate groups that “advocate” (a word stripped of meaning) for Africa (a geographical term with its meaning augmented with emotion/empathy evoking power…remember the incident in the video below?)

    Yet mention feeding the worlds hungry is met with glazed looks or some citation about erosion in Missouri. Mention the history of droughts and blights to those who would have that we all rely on one local farm/field in each community and not once have I met an answer. Since you know me a little you probably can guess that I mention this stuff a lot because i encounter it a lot. Yet not once have I ever been engaged directly regarding the aspects that I raise.

    How about DEET? Millions dead of malaria because thousands could have been affected by DEET. None of the deaths in either case are here, where the ninnies making the decision reside.,

    The group of upper class and upper middle class folks around the table at a business function I recently attended were discussing the new Whole Foods to be built closer to where we live than the current one. The discussion centered around what was slowing the construction. Seems Whole Foods was going to destroy part of a green belt for the new location. I was in a bit of a spot because I am one of three men recently added to this particular group and lets say that while needn’t be subservient by a long shot, picking an unnecessary thing like this to pipe up on was not the best idea. So…….I piped up anyway and made it humorous and the group , maybe 15-18 couples, got a huge laugh, and not one of them REALLY pondered the issue. But there was another more subtle problem. The women were raving about all the “grilling stations” or something or other, let it be revealed Ive never even been in a Whole Foods. Is that not conspicuously wasteful? Is it not just limousine liberal life brought to a level accessible to the middle class?

    I get the stuff I read on Keoni’s site, very specific detailed studies about the detrimental effects of X. Oddly, Ive never challenged the veracity of any of that. I haven’t the patience or interest…I don’t care if its all true and folks choose to follow every single one of those things, for flavor, for health, whatever. Its when crusading and inconsistency arise from it that i start noticing.

    Questions I ask people
    Would you favor a full blown organic farming mandate? If so, how would you address the resulting mass starvation?

    Would you favor elimination of all pharmaceutical companies? If not…..some of them? If some, which and why?

    Depending on the answer and if its ALL, are you OK with walking life expectancy back down to 40 or 50? Will you tell the mother whose 6 year old needs an antibiotic or he/she will die of a bronchial infection routinely treatable today?

    Do you believe celiac disease is a real explicit discrete disease, and what causes it?

    Do you believe autism is rising, and that 1/88 is real? If you take the rate of change, from 1/1000 for example to 1/88, is that attributable to vaccines? Chemicals? What? Will that rate of change sustain? If so, realize it ends up being 1/1.0000000001 with the number of zeros increasing infinitely, because it cannot reach 1/1. What number WOULD make you say, wait a second, that seems off? If they said tomorrow 1/3 on the radio, would that give you pause? I believe as long as the info is such that the trend can be alarming, but mentally kept at a distance, people will believe it unquestioningly. Then they can control “those people” who are not choosing as they do.

    Is surgery modern medicine? If not, why not?

    Do you believe that people live longer healthier lives now? I cannot imagine anyone saying no. There is no argument about more years, and there is no argument about quality of life. There are anecdotes that push our folksy buttons about the guy who was taken off all his drugs and started gnawing on petrified pomegranate and his arthritis cleared up and he ran an iron man race at 120 years old. For every one of those, there are orders of magnitude more that are just simple everyday stories of medicine intervening. Sure, if the person ate healthier in youth and did some exercise they may have avoided or delayed said intervention. But do you think if they’d followe- pick yer guru- it would become a mega trend? How would you know? How can you control for randomness that comes from…… last question

    For Christians , who numbers your days? Do you think the birds worry whats to eat and wear? Why are these questions irrelevant to these issues? Please be specific and use scripture.

    Ive written screeds like that in comboxes for 15 years. I have family members who bring their own food to my house. As bold (rude?) as I am about this, my approach is never combative, I have debates with people all the time and there are not hard feelings…..why do people never, not once, engage these questions?

    I have concluded that the reason is similar to why I don’t troll atheist boards and debate my faith. If I was hounded to do so, I may try, but I realize up front that I do not have answers to all the questions they will throw. I will tell than that. But what I will not do is condescendingly dismiss them as if they are stupid based on something Ive decided to take on faith. The members of “the church” however, are comprised of some people who cannot answer the questions, some who do not want to answer the questions, some who do not want their comfy chair disturbed not unlike blue pill lite thinkers, some who have taken “the church” on faith alone, but to date in my experience, none who will just say any of those things, plainly. I believe there are people who may say “this is my choice for my family” and thats that…..but that is a very small minority. We humans love our exclusivity, we like to feel-in, especially if we are “in” early. Which leads to my prediction that in a couple of generations it will be back to niches and communes for this stuff, hence the urgency of some to force it via government fiat. the claims are having to grow more and more hysterical to maintain growth in recruiting.

    Elspeth, maybe I have no need to write about this again. Whew. It may be my longest comment ever

  8. “I am not immune to the same type of self obfuscation.” Do you need an immunization shot, Empath?

    I’m in healthcare. You are right, Empath, about the tendency to jump to conclusions due to statistics based on possibly accumulations of one observation of ASD-type behaviours among children under 8 years of age. It is still uncertain as to where autism sits on the spectrum of neurological disorders ranging from multiple sclerosis (MS), motor neuron disease (MND), and even Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s. While MS has tentatively been identified as an auto-immune disease, it is possible that all these neurological illnesses, and ASD, may be a result of an over-active, over-stimulated, auto-immune response; bearing in mind that there are, of course, ‘lifestyle’ factors that may contribute, for example alcohol abuse can lead to ‘alcohol’ dementia. Genetic factors are right up there too. However, given that an auto-immune response is a possible factor across the entire spectrum, immunisations, which trigger an immune response, may contribute. I would be wary of being an outright immunisation advocate. As a health care worker, my jury is still out on immunisation.

  9. Seems immune response and inflammatory responses and markers are at the root of almost everything. I’m a crohn’s disease sufferer and a nerd engineer so way over-read about this stuff. And a numbers person to a fault. Instead of wondering of the immune response from vaccines is related to conditions that are tracked back to immune responses, crohns lupus, arthritis, asthma, allergies in general, on and on, I just ask myself,

    which is worse 1/88 kids manifesting a symptom of autism between one and 8, or 1 in 5 being crippled from polio or dead from small pox(for illustrations sake). tTe discussion gets so bogged in the details of chasing cause and effect on one side that the big picture ends up with the baby and the bathwater…..tossed out.

    But it is all very fascinating.

  10. Actually Empath,

    It doesn’t seem we’re that far apart. And even if we were, it wouldn’t matter in any practical way because my husband’s take is the same as yours for the most part.

    We do things his way around here. I touch on that in my food post for tomorrow.

  11. I imagined you are being pragmatic Elspeth. And I imagined that if you had flights of fancy SAM would yoke back to pragmatic-ville.
    On this, I am myself very fortunate that my wife and I are solidly of one accord. I cannot imagine if I was married to some of the wives I know, where the whole day Saturday or Sunday is spent traveling the back roads buying vegetables it would seem one bean at a time.

  12. Empath:
    Well there’s no need to worry about the CDC report—I realize most nations would consider the growth of autism among children as an epidemic and take action. But in America, where Victimology is the ‘new normal’ we can take comfort in the fact that, according to leading Hollywood experts and others, that the growth in childhood autism and other behavioral disorders is REALLY the sign of a higher evolutionary stage of humankind: one in which the outmoded values of the evil Patriarchy will be swept aside in favor of the more spiritually attuned:

    I would suggest not clicking on the above link either before dinner or before going to bed, however LOL

  13. GIL:
    I’ve been following the US media more than usual lately because of both the Sochi Olympics and the subsequent problems in Crimea—it is actually frightening to compare Russia’s cultural strength with our cultural degeneracy. All I can say is, the American people better get their collective heads out of their collective butts and SOON—because if we don’t turn things around Russia and China are going to do it for us.

    Though I have to admit, I do get some morbid satisfaction at the thought of the local gay activists turning out in the streets to protest some future Chinese Governor-General of Western Washington’s edict to cancel the Gay Pride Parade and what the consequences would be. But that’s being brought back to reality the hard way! LOL

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