*WordPress says they like polls,                                                                              *WordPress says send a picture.                                                                             *WordPress says hello.                                                                                          *WordPress says be a pollster and keep on rockin’ girl.

Feminism is the 80’s was different, that is not the poll question.



7 thoughts on “Poll*

  1. Silly Riddle…
    There is a lyric from an 80’s feminist musician buried in the words beneath the poll. The song would be one known to GIL because of where he lives, I’d think.

    No strippers. Sorry. All the girls here have dresses from The Dress Trough

  2. Also, I’ve spent more than my share of time hoofing around that place waiting for a car to get fixed or tenting it working a job vacuum packing fish. Alaska has this amazing ability to strand people since you can’t hitchhike through Canada without money in your pocket and the ferries that go to Washington only run from those areas that you have to go through Canada to get through. Then their is an airplane ride to Seattle.

  3. Leroy says, ah you got it GIL!

    I was making no endorsement, though confess the CD fell from the top of my closet shelf the other day which has the clunky tune in my mind

    Her reply came from Anchorage Alaska

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