Its not the heat, its the stupidity

This video:


posted at Christian Forums is like a salt lick for Tasmanian devils with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. Between grunting and spinning, 

the very real issue of men who run out on their families,[ ] If you want a “traditional” culture where women stay home, how are you going to solve the very real problems (that are not new post-feminism)?

Once again…come out of your fantasy land and enter the real world.


Feminism is a movement. It isn’t funded by government. LOL

and then the insightful

The biggest problem with marriage (from where I’m sitting) is that people no longer want to try to work through the tough times.

Why did I look there?

I feel all



2 thoughts on “Its not the heat, its the stupidity

  1. Now working through the tough times is only part of the issue but its also what knowledge has compromised their minds. Feminism beliefs fight against the word of God on so many fronts it ain’t funny and completely unavoidable. Pastors won’t bring it up in fear of losing out on their income or simply to not piss sister whowho because her family brings in the most money. Since feminism has a strong root in the minds of women, it has come nearly impossible to teach them beyond what feminism allows.

    Bible says submit. Feminism say it says you’re under men and etc etc etc.

    And you can’t be a Feminist and believer in God because your mind will always revert back to one of them. Mainly women need to make decision whether they server God or their Feminist beliefs. And since they are so power hungry, most will choose Feminism.

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