Who’s zoomin’ who?

Family Life has a charter cruise. of course they do. Every 2nd tier radio host has one, Kim Kommando has one, heck even Dave flippin Ramsey has one. I chuckled when one of the first comments after Dalrocks latest post pointed out something he read in Dalrocks linked material, where a couple raved how  the resort and all the accoutrements were so perfect the couple had to feel romantic again.  Trials? get outta here….

More interesting and disconcerting is that Voddie Baucham is on the cruise, with Kirk Cameron and the gang. Assuming Voddie means the things he says, is he a trojan horse? Does he seek to teach Cameron that Fireproofing a marriage looks nothing like the movie and  tell Rainy that, no, he is not the   SERVANT  

His presence on that ship is warping the vectors of the force. They will be near the Bermuda triangle. Coincidence?






3 thoughts on “Who’s zoomin’ who?

  1. I’ll be keeping an eye on this because I am confident my man Voddie will stay true. It would not be the first time that he said the right things among those who say the wrong things.

  2. I second Cane Caldo. Someone has to be willing to go amongst these misguided souls and drop some nuggets of truth.

  3. Baucham has a book about What He Must be to Marry my Daughter, but nothing about What She Must be to Marry my Son. I also notice the purity ball movement places the responsibility for girls’ sexual behavior on their fathers, while ignoring mothers’ responsibilities to their sons. Is this more father-generated misandry?

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