Ashley Madison and The Churchian Church, separated by a billboard

My little secret, and why I am posting three times in an evening and badly stepping on my friends new post that went up today and is now below three of mine, is that my wife and two of my kids launched for Texas this afternoon to visit the in-laws. Next week is spring break. The time Im am posting is usually spent with my wife and younger daughter. Alone, under fed and under served, I may as well blog…

Quick segue to the absurd. Back to Family Life, like the uncannily self illustrative comments Jimmy Evans made in the email i parsed below, Rainy has apparently not folded his hand  in the game for top use of irony. He tells us that, gasp, nearby his home, gasp, a billboard for Ashley Madison went up.

Rainy opines:

The battle we fight becomes more intense every day


This is exactly the kind of attack on families plaguing our society today!

If only  this irony was really delicious. Sure, I am on board with him in observing that the mere existence of such a business model is offensive. It is facilitative of rendezvous that are sinful and do lasting damage to families even if the marriage survives. I would ask, what of another organization that is facilitative of family breakdown, under the banner of being all about family? I’m not talking about Family life. Their influence is wielded differently than that of the organization I am referring to here. I mean the church.

I have no idea how one would get the numbers, but I submit that a secular marriage where one partner uses Ashley Madison and gets caught has a better statistical chance of lasting than the one where the couple seeks help from their church.

Rainy was not gonna sit still and let that stand, literally.

Doing nothing was NOT an option.


he learned along the way that one should never miss an opportunity. And he didn’t. Look at what will be spawned all because of that billboard

With this in mind, I want to challenge you to help us stand strong for families:

  1. Make the promise and join with others who are declaring their desire to stand firm for families.
  2. Forward this article to your friends and family, share it on Facebook, and encourage them to make the promise as well.
  3. Help us spread the word! After you make your promise we’ll provide you with shareable graphics, downloadable wallpapers, and quotes to post to Facebook and Twitter. Use the hashtag #MakeThePromise or
  4. Recommit yourself to your spouse and to faithfulness in your marriage.
  5. tag me (@DennisRainey) in your updates to show your support

It is depressing that there will be a spike in activism and advocacy about Ashley Madison in many churches now. A new subset of boycotts will be started, and breathless emails and letters will flow. Neighborhoods will have door to door visitors cajoling families to join the fight to protect the families.

And all those single moms living in the homes they ejected dad from will get yet another thing about which to foam at the mouth while they get to vicariously extract another pound of flesh from men. For it is men  who drive usage of Ashley Madison.


10 thoughts on “Ashley Madison and The Churchian Church, separated by a billboard

  1. Alone, under fed and under served, I may as well blog…

    Yeah things are kind of tapering off for me as well. Lot of reading I’m doing, but still working out posts. Mainly that banal thing, don’t know how well discussing movie plots would work, since that’s kind of the gist of it.

  2. All I saw on that list of things believers should do as “activism” were vague, repetitious platitudes.

  3. Welcome “back” Empath from another lurker. Apologies for seeming pedantic, but a couple of ‘housekeeping’ items:

    – Not sure if you intended this, but the title of your OP uses “Churchain” rather than “Churchian” in spelling… though come to think of it, could work either way.

    – Your embedded link in the sentence “He tells us that, gasp, nearby his home”… goes to an error page. I *think* the link you wanted to embed was Doing Nothing Is Not an Option

    – Finally, on your main page, your post “Player can’t even score in undefended goal at wrong end of court” appears twice, rather than just once.

    Otherwise, carry on and safe travels to you Sir.

  4. From a business standpoint, it is curious that Ashley Madison has resorted to billboard advertising. What, the internet wasn’t effective? Another point, I have the feeling that internet dating has churned through the adult male single population, they now have to open the market to married men?
    There is a silver lining in all this. Imagine all those churchian wives, who know that they neglect their husbands, Their eyes coming out on stems in seeing this billboard. 😉

  5. gdmgdmg somethingorother+

    The errors where especially bad. That is me not having time for even the inadequate proofing I usually do. But ….I did trash one of those duplicate posts, checked it, it was gone….that one is bizarre.

    The link, ah, who cares

  6. Yes, yes yes! It may be cynical to say this but, anything that would shock the complacency out of neglectful wives would be of benefit to all parties

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