Ronin Noodles

It was a bad blog entry anyway, so its gone. I will leave the stupid joke that was at the end as a place holder.


Like our Saturday morning radio infomercial says, the body is composed of positive and negative charges and taking my Kentucky bluegrass supplement in cat fish oil (made from only cat fish caught by noodling because an aggressive fish that bites a man’s arm makes our blue grass supplement more soluble in the body, think about it, if the fish is trying to eat the man’s arm, there has to be some solubility involved) supplement is like swallowing 9 volt batteries, it Baaaaaalances the ionizing forces and unleashes the power of being a worried but electrically neutral concave chested wimp with an eye for hard science. A real man.

The unique noodle form not only is symbolic of the derivation of the product, but its fun and easy to eat. Wives, Dump the Ramen, get him the Realmen and make him a Ronin for good living.

Leave me a comment with your email and I will send you a 30 day trial absolutely free for $12.37 shipping and handling.


6 thoughts on “Ronin Noodles

  1. We had the older ones in our late 20′s and early 30′s, then I was well into my 40′s when the last one came.

    Lots of people are delaying child birth until they are in their late 30′s or early 40′s these days. Not so many are having kids both while they are young and then again when they are middle aged. By doing so, you get a glimpse of a new generation of parents, plying parenting very differently than what we found just 15 years earlier. This change is not a secular versus church difference. It is ubiquitous.

    Change the “late 20’s” to “early 20’s and our experience has been nearly identical.

    Oh, on the snacks: I packed goldfish snacks in my girls bags for co-op last week and thought to myself how unhealthy they were, LOL. But it was all I had on hand at the time.

    One girl said she couldn’t take any Valentines cards that had candy attached because they don’t eat sugar. Ever.

    I could go on but you get the idea…

  2. I actually liked that FoTF article. I experience so much bias against me because I am the single dad, and not the mom. Schools, medical professionals and others re-actively just communicate with my son’s mother first. I have to make sure I am being included in all communications; she does not. Reading that article about the positiveness of fatherhood provided me with a “lift” so to speak.

    I do understand your points about our culture getting so detailed and specialized to the point of silliness. I get like that with my workouts and intake of certain calories. For example I take 5 grams of glutamine before bed and 5 more if I wake up as increased levels of glutamine in the system during R.E.M. sleep can enhance the pituitary glands output of human growth hormone; etc. ad nauseam…

  3. Sorry if I dumped on something that was encouraging to single dads. I may take the whole post down because you raised a point that I seem to have a blind spot for.

  4. I found this in spam. It fits here under this redacted blog entry:

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  5. You know I had a few more thoughts about this one but you deleted whole parts of it.

    But I agree that my presence here adds little in terms of organization. I am constantly trying ad re-trying things to get organized. I’m working on that very thing today which is what reminded me of this post.

    Without the copious use of lists and timer alarms to keep me moving in the right direction, I’m darn near useless with the exception of the basic needs my husband and children require.
    And then just. I excel at those, as evidence by the fact that my husband graciously overlooks the gaping holes in my homemaking.

    That’s yet another reason why I can’t figure why wives complain so much. I have a high demand husband by almost any standard and it is relatively easy even to keep him satisfied.

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