It’s Men’s History Month!

Not really. And I’m not the first to complain that it IS women’s history month, now, while there is no such thing as men’s history month. This despite….ah, whatever. You know the drill.

My wife is a middle aged learner at a university. She is pursuing a degree in the medical field. This evening she read to me the description of the extra credit project one class was given (optional).

Are you a feminist?

What about feminism has inspired your choice of degree?

Is there a particular feminist you would give credit to for that?

Do you believe feminism is still needed?

On and on. I told her I would complain. The field has a growing number of men, though traditionally its been  largely women. My son is in the program, one semester behind my wife. They will both receive their Bachelor of Nursing in 2015. How can he answer that and not be trapped? he can say YES I am a feminist hurray! Or, imagine he says no and is critical of feminism. Clearly the instructor is fishing for feminist affirmations, and its naive to imagine she would be objective when grading men’s projects.

It irritated me enough to actually log in and write something.

(I do have a rather long post that Im almost finished with and hope to get out by Saturday. I was duly provoked by a couple of things and had to, just had to write about them)




8 thoughts on “It’s Men’s History Month!

  1. We have Black History month. We have Native American month. I now learn that we are blessed with Womyn’s History month. When will a Homosexual History month be concocted?

  2. Huh. Is it women’s history month? And here I was trying to decide whether I was going to bother to incoporate Black history month into our homeschool. You know, since we’re black and all.

    Now I have to consider women’s history since we’re girls and all?

    I think I’ll skip both for now.

  3. I’m waiting for a “Smart-Ass” History Month to be established. Smartassedness is a virtue that spreads across cultural lines. Therefore all are equally eligible.

  4. Vasc:
    Good idea—although change it to ‘Jackass History Month’ and even more Americans could participate: and it would celebrity ‘diversity’ since every race, creed, and color would have a representative.

    The kids could spend the whole month watching reruns of ‘Beavis and Butthead’ and the movie ‘Idiocracy’, so they’ll all be prepared for the ‘New Normal’ LOL

  5. Elspeth

    I couldnt have made that up, that story. And I thought my lily white hometown in rural Appalachian Ohio was ignernt, Im glad I feel a bit like I live in a post racial bubble now, meaning I can cackle maniacally about that story and still know how dang stupid folks can be. You cannot convince me that someone actually felt they were doing something good. You know me, I dont flee stereotypes if I can reason out that they are at least valid generalities, but only where there is some utility to be gained, but this is beyond useless and dumb. And , yes, even funny. I cant imagine anyone not seeing the humor even though thats not enough to give it a pass

  6. Empath:
    I was thinking of writing that school and suggesting that they could ‘mend fences’ with the black community by offering to put on a free minstrel show, done in blackface.

    Do you think they’ll be stupid enough to fall for it? LOL

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