The Personal Jesus made an appearance in 1881

God is love? Is God ruled by love? Its a fascinating question, due to more than the small aspect I am on about here. William Pope must have had an experience with Personal Jesus churchianity when he wrote:

There is prevalent among professedly orthodox theologians a tendency to ascribe to the Eternal God a certain all-commanding attribute of LOVE which is so described as to undermine the foundations of the doctrine of the Atonement. It is possible so to exaggerate the Divine compassion as to make it inconsistent with the most obvious facts of experience. The mind may be so possessed by a morbid sentiment of the necessary supremacy of the tenderness of God as to be incapable of steadily contemplating his holy wrath against sin. To such a feeling the whole of Scripture must appear to be written in a language of the most violent and incongruous symbols. It is the purest homage to love, the bond of perfectness in God as well as man, to correct that one-sided view. If it is the royal attribute –which, however, the Scripture does not say– it reigns IN God but not OVER Him. Of the Divine Being it is also said: Justice and judgment are the habitation of Thy throne (Ps. 89:14).

From the final page of William Burt Pope’s treatise on the atonement, in the second volume of his 3-volume Compendium of Christian Theology, published in 1881

(I didn’t read the book, I saw this quoted elsewhere. I have not started on my GBFM yet)


6 thoughts on “The Personal Jesus made an appearance in 1881

  1. The fear of The Lord is to hate evil.–Proverbs 8:13
    I highly recommend checking out a blog named “Culture Watch”, by Bill Muehlenburg. His post on January 7th was all about how we need to learn how to be better haters. He links to a couple other posts he has done on “Love and Hate”

  2. “(I didn’t read the book, I saw this quoted elsewhere. I have not started on my GBFM yet)”

    Capitalization emphasis mine.

    Hahahaha, that was funny Empath….

    I know this is not applicable to the point of your post, so just delete it if you choose, not that you need my permission. I’m still laughing…..

  3. If Christian women can have a 300 point list for a husband that even (the real) Jesus couldn’t live up to, can I have a 300 point list for a wife that even the (the real) Virgin Mary couldn’t live up to?

    If women can have their personal Jesus, can I have a personal Virgin Mary?

  4. Theology; What’s it good for? Absolutely nothing! Theology takes the Greek concept of God and ‘makes’ the Scripture fit Plato and Aristotle. It is hard to fit Jesus into Plato though. Jesus cannot be explained as “pure mind” or “pure love” or as “divine reason”. Remember, Jesus has a body which has ‘substance’. If there is no bodily resurrection there is no salvation. He was seen and touched and handled. He ascended in the body to heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father, till He come again. He will descend in the body when He comes. The only mediator between God and man; the man Jesus. Is this Jesus with a body that I can touch and handle God, or is He not God? Einstein, whom some think intelligent, said;” if you cannot explain it to a six year old, you probably do not understand it yourself”. The Jesus my family knows and loves and follows and worships is this man who is God and is as real as our wives and our children and friends. My six year old great grandson and six year old great granddaughter know and understand Jesus. It was as easy to teach as riding a bike. I doubt if any Theologian could explain to a six year old ‘their’ understanding of God.

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