Subliminal just got more subliminal

In a Yahoo news story today we learned that Robert Fink created a video game that was designed to propose to his girlfriend as she tested it. This is bad. The clues are hidden right in the first paragraph of the article. I’m going to help you see how prescient the write- up of their story was by helping you see the clues.

They become friends, sharing their passion for gaming and stories of childhoods spent with joystick in hand. Boy eventually gets girl. Two and a half years later, he pops the question, gamer style, by designing a video game to propose to his girlfriend and catching her tear-jerking reaction

He stands at the edge of a barren desert. Somehow I think he knows it because he says later:

But if you collect all the pieces to the heart, it reads, ‘100% getting lucky tonight.’”

He forgot to add, “for the last time”.

Why so negative Empath? Read the article and figure out how, if this guy writes a video game and that gets him lucky tonight he leaves little room to grow. That whole pilot light microwave slow cooker thing is so last century. Now, you gotta code up a few million lines. She cannot be expected to just be expected to lay back and think of Black Ops because of a fast tap on the “enter” key.

The article does end boldly though:

Game over

At least heading to the basement where the video game is is sorta like working. No Peter Pan here.


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