The conservatives talking on the radio

Its probably not a topic that provokes much more than mirth. Though over the past year the third way folks have gone a bit quiet, I can count on someone reacting to the word “conservative”.

I live in a smaller city. I have Mark Levine for my 6 minute commute home so my exposure is limited. He had Glenn Beck on a call in interview yesterday. I never hear Beck anymore. He seemed to have gone loopy anyway.

Beck was lamenting the lack of solutions among elected officials (yawn) but said something that caught my ear. He began saying we need real men to step up. Like inverse nip to cats, I was drawn to the punished narrative I expected. But he simply said, “women will stand around talking, and men will do something”. HUH? I wanted to hear more.

But Levine chuckled uncomfortably and said he was out of time, he’d enjoyed it, so forth.

Overton Window indeed.


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