Obamacare, a pot luck of choice

Yesterday my employer had the annual pot luck meal for Christmas. To make this sphere-ish I will mention that its as sexist as possible in a modern office. Women… directors, managers, no matter, running to and fro setting things up and serving. Its odd to watch in an office environment.

This is, however, a medical post. Of 60 attendees, last evening between 8 and 11PM more than 15 of us (me too) were smacked with the amoeba guest that had hitch hiked on one of the various dishes that comprised our repast. I was stricken at 11 sharp, meaning sharp at 11, and sharply stricken.

Curled in a fetal position with agonizing cramps I had one of those reality checks about human frailty. Then I burst through the double doors leading to the master bath and was introduced, again, to that which makes us biological and created things. That such a tiny interloper could cost so many so much in the space of eight agonizing hours means something. I just don’t know what.

I failed to AMOG everyone, because I showed up at 11AM only to find that one of the guys who work for me had soldiered in at 8AM. Crap! Yep. But I did manage to taunt my boss by SMS as he writhed at home unable to get in to the office.

Being a chemical company, we have a well equipped lab that I recommended we set to the task of nailing the guilty dish. They paid me no mind. Seems no one from R&D was affected.

No one alerted the media of this incident or we’d have OSHA and EPA everywhere. At about 3 AM, I would have been willing to embrace me some Obamacare, or anycare.



3 thoughts on “Obamacare, a pot luck of choice

  1. How miserable. Geez o’flip, hope you’re better. My stomach used to be like that almost every single day. After years of that horror I’m finally on a regimen where I feel 75% better. It’s like a new life!

  2. Another reason to avoid American women—they can’t cook worth a damn, either!

    Here’s a remedy I learned in Mexico, where dysentery is not unknown:

    Squeeze the juice of one lime into a glass and fill the rest with Coca-Cola (and make sure to buy the imported stuff, the HFCS crap they make here won’t work). It sounds simple, but it usually only takes one glass to blast out any harmful bacteria. I learned this in Mexico after a 9-day bout with that stuff—and three does had me feeling normal within a few hours!

    Admittedly, though it is a sad sign of the times when Americans have to import Coca-Cola to get ‘The Real Thing’.

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