It’s fall back weekend, so lets look at “Our Time”

I see the ads for the dating site “Our Time” and I assume the worst. People in mid-life lookin’ for love having so much in common and a half a life to spend together, or a quarter, or a week, or a night…whatever. So, I thought I’d read some profiles and see if my suspicions were correct. Here is a representative example of what I found:

I am a single mommy of an incredible 3rd grade son. I have been married twice. The first 7 years. The second, eight. I never thought I would be divorced once in my life, much less twice. But unfortunately, we cant make someone love you [sic]and you certainly cant make another be honest and true. They keep putting you through the madness with no desire to change, then youre left with one choice…you walk away and NEVER look back**. [  ]

My main focus is raising up a God fearing son who knows how to respect others, especially girls because these type of men are slim pickings

im [sic]not looking for a hook up, s sugar daddy or a fling. I still believe in love, even after all ive been dealt. I hope maybe one day it will finally land on me. Either wsy,[sic]  (name redacted) and I will be fine.

She has taken the advice Ive parsed and shared in recent posts and positioned it plainly for men to see. Independence? Check. Doesn’t need a man? Check. And she has added her views in God and on men. God is good, men….not so much.

Like the guy writing at AARP said, middle aged men, it is best to date in your own age cohort because they are fun and independent and strong and have learned how to manage relationships. (plural is handy)

** is looking at your online bank statement on support payment day considered looking back?


4 thoughts on “It’s fall back weekend, so lets look at “Our Time”

  1. God-fearing? That’s such a quaint concept. How about common-sense fearing?

    The Bible says not to kill people. Okay. I do that.
    The Bible says not to have sex before marriage. Okay. I’ve done that to a certain extent (and it still seems like a good ideal to aim for).

    The Bible doesn’t seem to say much about punching people in the face or eating sugary and fatty foods, but I’ve concluded that both of those things are bad ideas.

  2. I found the original post – and from what she wrote, it sounds like she’s still “chasing Daddy” in her relationships, which is why she keeps getting involved with (lying) men who act the way he did. This leads directly to all the issues she’s had with men in the past, and doubtless will continue to have in the future.

  3. Matthew, it would require infinite and ever expanding written word to address each and every possible action that one could conceive of that is sinful or a bad idea or whatever. What point is made by pointing out specifics that are missing?

    I am genuinely curious.

    I agree that God-fearing is a quaint expression.

  4. Wow. Who wouldn’t want this little Ms. Perfect?

    “We can’t make someone love you and you can’t make another honest and true”

    Definitely all the men’s fault. She didn’t do anything wrong. But, a man can’t make you lovable and can find in nearly impossible to be honest and true to a constantly contentious wife.

    “My main focus is raising up a God-fearing son…”

    Don’t forget to tell him what God says and divorce and adultery. You know, like the one that says unless you divorce because of adultery, you commit adultery and cause the other to as well.

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