Women writing to women about men and women

In the article 7 traits That Make Men really Attracted to a Woman, Laurel House, the writer, plays to the crowd saying:

men are looking for deeper, more substantive and enduring traits

Ok, like what?

Here are seven traits that really turn a guy on:

  • Fun

  • Confidence

  • Independence

  • Strength

  • Vulnerability

  • Femininity

  • Happiness

Happiness? Sure….


You are your best self, raising the bar and inspiring him to be his best self too. Whether it’s your business that you adore, or you have emotionally and creatively fulfilling hobbies, the point is that you don’t need him. You don’t need him to fill a void or make you happy.

This dovetails with Ruthie Dean recommending women say “You don’t define me” and “My life does not revolve around you” in the article I linked in the post below. This stuff is women taking what they think impresses them about other women and/or what they think a man finds impressive about another man, and foisting it on men about women. It’s all about appearances. Somehow, if all of this imagery and propaganda was to evaporate and be replaced by elevated images of home makers and mothers, women would embrace that and use it superficially as well. It is a part of their fallen nature.

Meanwhile, take their advice. DO NOT need your man. He hates that.


6 thoughts on “Women writing to women about men and women

  1. I liked what you said there, and I noted that the first comment was from one of the most psychologically revealing screen names ever….atackel… who said:

    One of the true skills is knowing WHEN he needs you to be each of these things. My husband and I have learned over 20 years that timing is everything. Getting to know the ‘real’ person helps a partner know when to be as much as what to be.

  2. Empath,
    Independence? Well, out of the whole list, that’s the only trait I see most women actually possessing. Even then, it’s more egotism than independence.

    This list reminds me of questions like: ‘What qualities do you seek in a political candidate?’ Expecting a typical politician to be anything other than a lying, theiving shill is of course to be in denial. So, BTW is looking for an ideal (or even desirable) female. They more or less don’t really exist anymore.

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