The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal was a 1982 movie I remember going, excitedly, to see when I was in college. Though it was a midnight movie and there was alcohol involved, I do not recall having trouble finding The dark Crystal.

One cannot say the same for scientists seeking dark matter. It is a particular kind of maddening to read or hear highly educated people condescend to Christians, even Christian scholars, while placing belief in their own version of the unseen.

In the past they have solved the math gone haywire by simply inventing (and clamoring to name) constants into the equations to balance the two sides of the equal sign. “Faisel Shazad!”, they reveal the next and newest theory about the origins of the universe. these constants get disappeared over time as new ones are created. Or, better, they create an entirely new thing. It exists, they say. But, it cannot be seen and cannot be detected. But…it has to be there. Its important…

[  ]scientists are searching for something they are fairly sure exists and is crucial to the entire universe

But there were some problems in a recent extensive search

The short story is that we didn’t see dark matter interacting

We have no clue. We don’t know what this matter is.

Not to be deterred, the silver lining actually was visible

but we had the most sensitive search for dark matter ever performed in the world,” said Daniel McKinsey, a physicist at Yale University.

See? We found NOTHING, but dang it, we looked harder than anyone ever has, and that’s gotta count for something.

Sure, and the fact that thousands of people seek ghosts yearly is evidence not that they exist, but heck if looking hard for dark matter is a mitigation of failure to find it, I’m sleeping with the lights on tonight.


6 thoughts on “The Dark Crystal

  1. Hey, what happened to the Higgs Boson discovery? Wasn’t that the end-all, be-all, the way they gushed about it?

    I guess not.

    After all, it has only been ‘tentatively confirmed to exist’, selon Wikipedia.

    But they still label it a discovery. And An Important One!

  2. Science and religion do not contradict each other. Although there are some aspects of science that do not have a lot of conclusive proof but rather as speculative (such as abiogenesis, some cosmological things, and certain aspects of evolution).

    Science cannot prove or disprove the metaphysical. The physical explanations (science) can only explain the physical world. God, whose essence is not of the physical world except in the physical manifestation in a few instances in the Bible (Jacob wrestling, burning bush, Jesus, Holy Spirit at pentacost, etc.) cannot be disproved by science.

  3. If they looked for it, that’s proof enough that it’s important. And possibly real.

    Science and religion do not contradict each other.

    I agree.

    God, whose essence is not of the physical world except in the physical manifestation in a few instances in the Bible (Jacob wrestling, burning bush, Jesus, Holy Spirit at pentacost, etc.) cannot be disproved by science.

    True, but He is not important [to them], therefore He doesn’t exist, and for most isn’t worth the trouble of looking for anyway.

  4. @Will
    I followed the Higgs Boson thing closely, each time they commented on the latest experiment, up to and including THE experiment. Recall, they stated they had found it a few months or a year before this particular discovery. It was written off to misinterpreting the data. I agree with you, when this came out I was thinking, “What? they had data suggestive of the God particle, but not conclusive”

    @Deep Strength
    Of course there is no conflict with science and religion per se. In fact there cannot be. The conflict is in the minds of the scientists, not between those who would merely codify the natural world and those who would believe the natural world/universe is a created thing.

    Some aspects of science without conclusive proof? Most cosmological theories are theories that collate data and attempt to, like any proof, prove two sides of an equal sign are equal. Takes a constant or some dark matter to do so.

  5. @Deep Strength
    The existence of Hercules and Superman cannot be disproved by science either, but rational people don’t waste time believing in things that have little proof.

  6. Matthew, expand your DC comic thesis please….I cannot tell what you are saying unless I read it as written, “believe in anything unseen is like belief in Superman”
    Also, what is your position on dark matter, string theory, black holes, the big bang, evolution (the real theory not the catch all phrase)….etc

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