Mujer Real

The Spanish Elle has plowed new ground putting a plus sized woman on the cover.

The only point I would make here is that the avin chief is named Roberta Myers. Women have been back-lashing against all the pressure to be waif for years, supposedly from men. Its about time she addresses this nasty problem and “leads” men into being more excepting of, well,…..more.




14 thoughts on “Mujer Real

  1. Well she’s not waif thin….
    Calling a smoking hot curvaceous model ‘Plus Size’ is false advertising… allowing genuinely fat women to convince themselves that their obesity is AOK and desirable! Ahy ahy ahy.

  2. They call women like that plus sized to make truly plus sized women feel better. Compounding the delusion…

  3. The pressure for plus sized women to look like that woman wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing from where I sit. To aspire to be closer to her size, a more normal weight is far better than to be content in a size 22 dress with a BMI of 33, no?

    There are some women *ahem ahem* for whom that’s about as small as we’ll ever get if we want to eat. It;s not waif thin, but it’s healthier.

    Of course the idea that any woman can be as gorgeous as that woman simply by losing weight is a foolish one. We’re born with what we’re born with, after all. As for this:

    Its about time she addresses this nasty problem and “leads” men into being more excepting of, well,…..more.

    Sir Mix-a-Lot immortalized himself by speaking on behalf of those men who are accepting of a little more. The problem is that many women are carrying around far too much and attempting to conflate that with those women who have a little more than what is generally considered the standard. You know, women with rolls of fat lumping themselves into the same group as women with genuine curves.

    Empath, you know better than to get me started on this…

  4. Elspeth, your post is littered with alliterations.

    Conflate is a one word example, making the readers mind think INflate

    then you get all “rolls of fat lumping” and crap.

  5. I thought you might appreciate that, :). You did appreciate it, right?

    But I’m serious though. All the words that actually describe women who are fairly healthy if not waif then are co-opted by the obese “community.”

    Even the reference to that woman as plus-sized is co-opting and polluting the language. Walk in any plus-sized store and the sizes start at size 14. No way is that woman a sized 14 because I’m not even a sized 14, and her thighs look thinner than mine.

    In the ‘hood is a bunch of obese women who think they look great. “Thick”, “curvy”, all kinds of stuff. It’s enough to make you want to scream. It was bad enough when it was just the black girls. Now everyone wants to holler “big is beautiful” and “real women have curves.”

    Give me a break.

    Okay, I’m done. Trying to moderate a serious theological discussion at my blog.

  6. Actually, the model in question is big in some images and not so big in others. Yo-yo up and down weight. Depends on the images you find out there. In some pics, she is truly plus-sized. In others, not so much.

    Even in her more plus-sized pics, she looks better than say Melissa McCarthy, who is probably a better representation of what the American fat community is referring to when they refer to “curvy” girls.

    But as I noted on my blog recently, being grossly overweight is going to start hitting people in the pocket book. It won’t be just about “beauty standards” and “self-esteem”. You’re gonna have to pay for the luxury of eating too many cup cakes.

  7. I took a symposium class on the long term prognosis of morbidly obese patients with trauma injuries. The possibility of dying from an injury doubles and triples. 20 something woman with multiple fractures of the ribs, intubated, infected, dies of septic shock several weeks later (from broken ribs!).

  8. That picture linked above is “plus size”??? This is what’s really wrong with the fashion industry. That woman is what I call normal size, and any woman smaller is petite.

    Plus size to me would be like really really round, almost fat. That woman on the cover of Elle is not round at all.

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