But for an Opus

Opus may actually know this document backwards and forwards. I confess I used his name in the title because it is English law to which I’m referring. Or, at least English guidelines, to be fair.

The Equal Treatment Bench Book is issued to judges in The U.K. as a handy reference for training those on the bench so that they make sure the opposing parties in litigation get equal and fair treatment. What does it look like? Lets see.

First they explain the foundational problem.

Women make up over 80% of full-time regular teachers and 90% of primary teachers,
Then they get illustrate the nonsense that the foundational problem has created.
It is now well recognized that a misplaced conception of equality has resulted in some very unequal treatment for the women and girls who appear before the criminal justice system. Simply put, a male-ordered world has applied to them its perceptions of the appropriate treatment for male offenders…. The criminal justice system could … ask itself whether it is indeed unjust to women.
Social exclusion is a very real issue for many women offenders. Before they ever come into contact with the criminal justice system, many women offenders experience a range of entrenched and complex problems, including poor mental and physical health, financial hardship, substances misuse, homelessness and abuse.
Their offending comes at great cost to individuals and society, and can limit the life chances of not just one but several generations.
I’m not an attorney, and even staying at a Holiday Inn express wouldn’t help me with English law, but with guidelines like these, who needs feminism?

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